Sparkling Rose with Cotton Candy

How will you be spending Valentines Day this year?!  Whether or not you are celebrating with a significant other or maybe getting together with your best gal pals, this festive Valentines Day sparkling rose with cotton candy is the perfect holiday drink!  If celebrating with your kiddos, maybe a family dinner at home, sub the sparkling rose with sprite for a special treat!

A Cup of Community Coffee

I’ve always loved the smell of a pot of coffee brewing.  Growing up, I could always smell the coffee brewing downstairs and I knew that my Dad was about to start his day…coffee first, always!  It wasn’t until I was quite a bit older that I tried my first cup of coffee.  I’ll never forget the rich taste and warmth of that first cup.  I’m guessing that’s when I learned to appreciate why so many people cannot start their day until they have had a cup, or two, of coffee.


Ladies, let’s talk about bra’s and how to find the right bra for you!  Who else agrees that bra shopping can be challenging, especially if you don’t know your exact measurements?!  I have both hands raised!  There have been many occasions that I’ve shopped for a new bra and end up guessing my size.  Guessing is definitely not the right approach to finding the perfect bra!

I’m no longer guessing my bra size and today I’m sharing how you can easily get your exact measurements from the comfort of home and have a positive bra shopping experience!

My CoolSculpting 12 Week Update

Twelve weeks ago, I had CoolSculpting for the first time.  I’ve been documenting my journey and today I’m excited to share my 12 week post treatment update!  Now that I am 12 weeks post treatment, I’m happy to report that I am beyond pleased with my results!  From 6 to 12 weeks, I noticed a subtle change in my more sculpted abdomen and I continued to feel more lean.  My clothes continue to fit well and I’m feeling even more confident.  I’ve truly enjoyed wearing more form fitting pieces like this black jumpsuit, which hugs my curves and accentuates my more sculpted abdomen!

Tips for Dating Your Spouse

Peter and I decided early in our marriage that dating one another would always be a top priority for us and it has been, even all of these years later.  I talk to so many friends who never date their spouse.  My friends…there is ALWAYS time to date your spouse and it doesn’t always require lining up a family member, babysitter, or kid sitter to make it happen.  Although I will say that I do think it is important to get dressed up, have a sitter for a night, and go out on the town together (whatever “out on the town” means to you)!

Our Family Photos

I have been so excited to share some of our family photos (maybe I’ve overshared) BUT this is a place for me to always come back to and remember this post, these pictures, and what I was feeling as I typed words onto this page.  Its also a way for me to share a bit more of my world with my family, friends, and those of you who come here to KBStyled for inspiration.  Those of you who come here regularly are considered “my friends” and it warms my heart to be able to share bits of my life (our life) with you.  So thank you for letting me overshare and be a proud wife and proud Momma for a moment.

Goat Cheese Cranberry Crostini

If you are looking for the perfect appetizer to make for a holiday party or for your family this holiday season, look no further!  This goat cheese cranberry crostini recipe is simple to make, delicious, and a total crowd pleaser.  I’m sharing how to make your own cranberry sauce to put atop of the warm goat cheese crostini as well!

JTV Custom Gemstone Jewelry

Today I’m sharing more about my very special custom Mother’s ring that I worked with JTV to create.  For those of you who have been KBStyled readers for some time, you know how much I love JTV…I’ve shared many gorgeous pieces of theirs over time and I’m a loyal customer of theirs.  They have the most gorgeous jewels and you can also customize your very own piece of jewelry as well.

White Christmas Mojito

As you host your friends and family over the holidays, try making a fun new cocktail thats a bit unexpected but that’s a total crowd pleaser.  A White Christmas Mojito is a great way to bring the holiday cheer…its so festive and really delicious!!!  Not to mention, super simple to make…double or triple the recipe if serving a crowd!

Christmas Tablescape

We love decorating our home together as a family and one of the things I love doing most is dreaming up our Christmas tablescape…the table I will create for our family dinner on Christmas Eve.  This year I was inspired by a couple of things…my love for plaid and the feeling of warmth that candlelight creates.

Wearing Confidence with Maidenform

As we move into one of the busiest seasons of the year, I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with Maidenform to share a bit more about their amazing bras, panties, and shapewear.  As I get dressed for our upcoming holiday festivities, I will be celebrating my shape and body confidence while wearing beautiful and supportive Maidenform pieces.

Holiday Style with Evereve

I’m thrilled to be teaming up with Evereve this holiday season for their #HolidayYourWay campaign.  Evereve is here to remind all of us busy Momma’s  that it is OKAY to put yourself first and to make yourself a priority this holiday season.  Brush off the pressure of perfection that is weighing heavily on your shoulders and focus on those things that truly make you happy.  After all, its the imperfect moments that end up being the most perfect and the most memorable.  We all know, everyone is happy when Momma is happy!

#HolidayYourWay is about embracing your style this holiday season however you see fit.  I’m personally approaching the holidays with a more casual chic approach.  Comfort is key for me this holiday season and I want to look festive, put together, and polished without feeling the need to get too dressed up!

Boticario US Review

One of the most frequent questions I receive is about hair care and how I keep my hair healthy, frizz free, and shiny.  I’ve used a variety of products over the years…I like to try new things and see what my hair responds well to.  I was recently introduced to a Brazilian hair care brand, O Boticário, and I have been using their Match Fountain of Hydration collection.  I was not familiar with Boticário, however after reading some positive reviews, I was excited to try it.