Ladies, let’s talk about bra’s and how to find the right bra for you!  Who else agrees that bra shopping can be challenging, especially if you don’t know your exact measurements?!  I have both hands raised!  There have been many occasions that I’ve shopped for a new bra and end up guessing my size.  Guessing is definitely not the right approach to finding the perfect bra!

I’m no longer guessing my bra size and today I’m sharing how you can easily get your exact measurements from the comfort of home and have a positive bra shopping experience!  Friends…meet Soma’s new SOMAINNOFIT bra!  This is the smartest bra around…it digitally takes your measurements, reports your measurements back to the SOMAINNOFIT app, and then curates a variety of shoppable bras that are a perfect match for you!  Talk about super smart bra fitting technology…WOW!

Getting your measurements is super simple and Soma’s new SOMAINNOFIT technology is the smartest way to ensure bra fitting accuracy.  The bra comes with easy to follow instructions.  Once you have downloaded the free SOMAINNOFIT app and have placed the bra into position and turned it on, you will then follow a simple step by step guide to obtain your measurements.  Once your measurements have populated within the app, you will then be taken to Soma’s website where you can shop bras curated just for you based on your measurements.

I love how easy it was to get my exact bra measurements from the comfort of my own home!  No more tape measures for me…I’ll always use the SOMAINNOFIT should I need to retake my measurements at any point!  I HIGHLY encourage you to try the SOMAINNOFIT!  If you live near a Soma boutique, you can try SOMAINNOFIT for free today!  For those that want to try it on their own at home, Soma is currently taking preorders for the next shipment.  Your bra shopping experience will be so much more enjoyable…trust me!

As always, thanks so much for stopping by…see you back here real soon!

Photography by Madi Flournoy Henderson