Darth Maul Halloween Costume

This Halloween, I was inspired by our love of Star Wars. We started watching Star Wars as a family within the last several years and we’ve been big fans ever since! Some of the most mysterious and intriguing characters are from the Dark Side of the Force so this year, I decided to create a Darth Maul Halloween costume.

Darth Maul…also known as Maul is the son of Dathomir, a powerful Zabrak warrior, a disgraced Sith Lord, a feared criminal Lord and is seeking revenge against Obi-Wan…his arch nemesis.

Becoming Darth Maul was a lot of fun and allowed me to tap into the Dark Side of the Force. Although most days of the year I favor the Light Side of the Force and their hero characters, I like to tap into villainous characters for Halloween. What better way to celebrate spooky season!

For reference, I sourced my costume directly from www.SkyCostume.com. They offer high quality costumes…just be aware that it will take several weeks to arrive to you. I also shared a tutorial of how I did my make-up on Instagram. My colored contacts are from www.ColouredContacts.com.

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