Maleficent Halloween Costume + Makeup

After having a conversation with my friend Jackie about how much she loves the 1st Maleficent movie, I decided to watch it for the very first time and I’ve got to say that I LOVED it just as much!

The movie inspired me to create my own Maleficent look for Halloween this year so I found a costume from Amazon and got to work on creating a Maleficent makeup look.

For my makeup look, I ordered nonprescription contacts from and picked up some white Halloween makeup. I started with covering my face and decollate with a much lighter foundation before applying the white Halloween makeup with a makeup sponge. I used a cream contour palette that I already had but you could also use black Halloween makeup as well to created contoured cheekbones.

You can get as creative as you’d like with your eye makeup but I used deep purple and charcoal grey shadows, created a strong brow, lined my lashes, and applied false eyelashes for a more dramatic look. I finished my look with a bold red lip and an intense stare, ha!

I had so much fun creating this look and its easy so you can do this too! What will you be dressing as for Halloween this year? Reins is going to be a football player and Addison a spider and Peter always comes up with something!

As always, thanks so much for stopping by…see you back here real soon!