Butternut Squash Apple Harvest Salad

Thanksgiving is traditionally known as the one time a year that most of us indulge and enjoy LOTS of casseroles.  From my Mother-in-lawas swiss green bean casserole, to sweet potato, to my Dad’s pineapple casserole, you name it, we are eating it!

There’s always room to ad in a few healthy options too and today I’m sharing a butternut squash apple harvest salad. This salad is full of healthy delicious ingredients and if you are anything like me, I’ll feel a tad less guilty eating casseroles if I’m also eating some kale…can I get an AMEN?!

Hot Spiked Apple Cider

From November through the end of winter, one of our favorite drinks to make is a hot spiked apple cider.  Peter made this drink a few years back and we have made it every year since.  It truly is a crowd pleaser and there is nothing better than a cup or two of hot cider on a cold day.  The smell of this cider simmering in your crock pot all day fills your home with the scents of the season too!

Pineapple Casserole

I’m excited to share today’s Pineapple Casserole Thanksgiving recipe because it’s a bit out of the box and not your traditional Thanksgiving meal menu item.  However, it has been a part of my family’s Thanksgiving meal for many years and in fact, this is my Dad’s recipe that he shared with me many years ago.  I remember trying this for the first time many Thanksgivings ago, at first turning up my nose up at it, but then immediately loving it once I tried it.

Swiss Green Bean Casserole Recipe

I’ll always remember the first time I tried this delicious swiss green bean casserole!  I was visiting Peter and his family for the holidays early in our dating relationship and my Mother-in-law made this delicious casserole.  I’m pretty sure I told her that it was the best green bean casserole that I had ever had and I still think that till this day!  I immediately jotted down the recipe and have made this casserole many times since.

#HunterBrookeStyled: Plaid Trend

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved plaid.  I wore a lot of plaid in middle school and then again after watching the movie Clueless in 1995!  I loved Cher’s yellow plaid skirt and blazer and remember wanting to wear and outfit just like that.  Needless to say, my love for plaid never faded so I’m thrilled that plaid has been trending this fall season.  For this month’s #HunterBrookeStyled collaboration, we are showing you how to style different plaid pieces!

Thanksgiving Tablescape

With Thanksgiving just a little over two weeks away, it’s time to start sharing all things Thanksgiving!  Today I’m sharing this years Thanksgiving Tablescape and I hope this gives you ideas on how to dress your table up a bit as you plan to host your friends and family!

My inspiration for this years tablescape stems from nature.  I knew I wanted to create a more rustic nature centered table while still having a warm welcoming feel.

The Pointe on 30a Review

The Pointe is located on a 30a which is a beautiful stretch of Florida beach front communities that span many miles from Sandestin to Panama City.  More specifically, The Pointe is very close to Rosemary Beach, which is a well known and very popular beach destination for many and it is close to other popular beaches on 30a like Alys Beach and Seaside Beach!  As you turn onto Scenic Highway 30a from the eastern point, The Pointe on 30a is situated right on the right hand side, just before arriving to Rosemary Beach.  You can’t miss it…it is a new beautiful boutique hotel-style beach community!

I’m sharing more about my recent stay at this beautiful resort and why I highly recommend you booking your next vacation at The Pointe!

Frankenstein Halloween Treat Recipe

Frankenstein has never been more cute and not to mention delicious!  These frankenstein halloween treats are fun to make and are perfect for any ghoulish Halloween party or just to enjoy at home as a family!  Get your grocery list ready and welcome the kiddos into the kitchen for a little treat making fun.

Witch’s Brew Halloween Punch

Halloween is just a week away and I’m going to be sharing a couple of fun, kid friendly, recipes that you can easily make to celebrate this spooktacular holiday!  Today I’ll be sharing a Witch’s Brew Halloween Punch!  This punch is crawling with worms, simple to brew, and wickedly delicious…all kiddos will be under your sweet spell!

DIY Fall Floral Arrangement

I’ve always loved DIY projects so today I’m excited to share an easy and beautiful way to create a fall floral arrangement.  This arrangement is made with fresh vegetables so you will want to make this for a special occasion…think dinner party, brunch, or maybe even for your Thanksgiving table.  It’s fresh, beautiful, and makes a statement.

Cafe Roze Nashville

Cafe Roze Nashville is a quaint charming cafe tucked in urban East Nashville.  It is brightly lit during the day with clean marble countertops and subtle pale pink tabletops.  It felt all the bit airy, clean, and FRESH.  I can only imagine what the vibe is like at night time…I’m sure the cozy quaint daytime feeling becomes even more cozy and quaint in the evening.  Believe me, I will be going back very soon to enjoy dinner!


Animal print is a staple in my closet and is a HOT TREND this fall season.  Animal print has never gone out of style for me so as you can imagine, I’m thrilled that it is a the top of this years charts for fall trends.  I can never get enough animal print…from dresses, to sweaters, to coats, to handbags, to shoes…animal print is everywhere and it is here to stay!  I’ve always said, and many would agree, that animal print is considered a neutral…at least it is in my style book!

I’m excited to be teaming up with my friend Hunter of Hunter Premo for this month’s #HUNTERBROOKESTYLED post where we will be sharing our take on animal print!

VAHAN Jewelry Collection

My love for jewelry began at a young age…I can remember going through my Mom’s jewelry box trying on her fine jewelry and wishing I were old enough to wear each piece.  My Dad gave me one of my first fine jewelry pieces on my 13th birthday and my Mom gave me a beautiful gold charm bracelet on my 16th birthday.  Since then, I have always cherished each and every piece of fine jewelry that I’ve received.

Today, I’m partnering with VAHAN Jewelry to share a bit more about this exquisite fine jewelry brand founded by French designer, Leon “Sacha” Der Calousdian, in 1968.

New York Fashion Week: Outfit Roundup

I’m so excited to finally be sharing my New York Fashion Week outfit roundup.  My looks this year were inspired by some of the top trends this Fall season…plaid, pant suits, pink, florals, rainbow sequins, and animal print.  These looks are meant to inspire you to step a bit outside of your comfort zone and push your own boundaries when it comes to trying trends.