Inspire Change with Inspire Kindness

Let’s chat…how do you inspire kindness?! As parents, we place a lot of emphasis on kindness and we are continually teaching Reins and Addison about kindness and how to show kindness to one another and to others. We’ve also taught them that small (or large) acts of kindness can make a big difference in someones life. They know what it feels like to be both on the receiving and the giving end of a good dead and they both agree how happy spreading kindness makes them feel. As an adult, it truly makes me happy too!!! We lead by example and I hope they will always follow our lead.

I’m sharing more about how we as a family are inspiring change with Inspire Kindness!  I truly hope you will get involved too!

TIKI Brand BiteFighter Torch Fuel

Summer is such a joyous time, a time that we look forward to every year. From outdoor gatherings, to beach trips, to summer camps, to sooooo many fun memories made as a family spending time outdoors…we truly love this time of year!

As we gear up for summertime, we stock up on TIKI Brand BiteFighter Torch Fuel to ensure that we can enjoy the outdoors without being bothered by those pesky mosquito’s. Mosquitos can really put a damper on your enjoyment of the outdoors and TIKI Brand’s BiteFighter Torch Fuel provides proven mosquito repellency to help keep mosquitos away. 

Habitat for Humanity – #HomeIsTheKey Campaign Recap

I recently traveled to Atlanta to participate in Habitat for Humanity’s 3rd annual #HomeIsTheKey campaign and home dedication. You may recall that Habitat for Humanity came to Nashville last year and that was my first year participating in this particular campaign…to say that I was thrilled to participate for my second year was an understatement.

Last year I shared how impressed I was with all of the work that Habitat for Humanity and their amazing partners are doing and I was even more impressed this year. Through their #HomeIsTheKey campaign, they work diligently to ensure that affordable housing is available to so many.

LOFT Littles for Mother’s Day

“Mommy, I’ll look just like you” she exclaimed!  Addison jumped with joy and flashed the brightest toothless smile when I showed her the new dress that I picked up for her to wear this Mother’s Day.  It’s not often that Addison will agree to wear exactly what I pick out for her (much less match with me), so seeing and hearing her excitement when I gave her this new LOFT Littles dress made me so happy.

I’m excited to share that LOFT has introduced a Mother/Daughter collection, called LOFT Littles, which features colorful floral prints, bold polka dots, buffalo check, and bright whites.  This new collection is beautiful and perfect for those special Mommy/Daughter moments that you and your daughter share together.

Pantone Color of the Year – Living Coral – #HunterBrookeStyled

Hunter and I are so excited to be back at it with our #HunterBrookeStyled posts. To say that we both have been busy is an understatement. Hunter has traveled to some amazing places over the last few months and is in the process of building a home…YAY! And I…well, I have been here and there, traveling some myself, and managing my schedule along with the school, sport, and social schedules of my kiddos! Sometimes life just gets busy and that’s okay!

When the pantone color of the year, Living Coral, was announced, we agreed that we wanted to style a coral piece for our next installment of #HunterBrookeStyled.

Sunday Soiree with At Home

Planning a Sunday Spring Soiree with At Home for my girlfriends was so much fun! Many of you know how much I love shopping at At Home stores and how often I go to my local store looking for a variety of items for our home. I can always find what I am looking for and often times, so much more!

When planning a Sunday Spring Soiree, all I knew is that I wanted it to be feminine, beautiful, and feel like spring! I also knew that I would be serving a spring salad and a charcuterie board but beyond that, I didn’t have a specific tablescape idea in mind. Going into At Home not knowing what I would find to put together the perfect soiree was exciting…it was like a treasure hunt as I searched for the right items to help me create a beautiful table for my girlfriends.

How I define being an “It Girl”

We live in a world of so called “It Girls”…women who have given themselves this title or who have been given this title by our society. “It Girl” is defined in different ways but essentially an “It Girl” is a young beautiful woman who has established a so called celebrity status based on her socialite lifestyle.

I’m sharing what I think being an “It Girl” really means!

Fancy Vents Decorative Vent Covers

Sometimes there are just “things” that you cannot take your attention off of until you find a solution…for me, that was our ugly white return vent covers that have always been so visible in our living room. They were total eye sores and often times, the subject of my attention. I became obsessed with them and not in a good way.

I was determined to find a decorative return vent cover that I loved and that would turn these eye sores into something much more polished and beautiful. After all, if we must have vent returns in our living space, why not make the covers decorative and gorgeous!  I’m so glad I discovered Fancy Vents!!!

Banking Tips as a Small Business Owner

A lot of my confidence as a small business owner has come from truly understanding the financial aspect behind a business.  Did this come easily for me…absolutely not!  I’m a spender, not a saver, BUT with time, I have learned so much and have grown even more along the way.  I’m thankful for Peter as he is a saver and has always had his feet financially planted on the ground…needless to say, he has taught me a lot and has helped me plant my feet as well.  In fact, Peter started his own business at the end of 2016 as well so we are both business owners and have gained so much knowledge together over the last couple of years.

Having the support of a bank that you know and trust, along with their ample resources, is so very important when establishing yourself as a small business owner.  I’m grateful for Regions Bank, their support, and the many tools and resources that have been available to us to ensure that we are operating effectively and efficiently.

Sparkling Rose with Cotton Candy

How will you be spending Valentines Day this year?!  Whether or not you are celebrating with a significant other or maybe getting together with your best gal pals, this festive Valentines Day sparkling rose with cotton candy is the perfect holiday drink!  If celebrating with your kiddos, maybe a family dinner at home, sub the sparkling rose with sprite for a special treat!

A Cup of Community Coffee

I’ve always loved the smell of a pot of coffee brewing.  Growing up, I could always smell the coffee brewing downstairs and I knew that my Dad was about to start his day…coffee first, always!  It wasn’t until I was quite a bit older that I tried my first cup of coffee.  I’ll never forget the rich taste and warmth of that first cup.  I’m guessing that’s when I learned to appreciate why so many people cannot start their day until they have had a cup, or two, of coffee.


Ladies, let’s talk about bra’s and how to find the right bra for you!  Who else agrees that bra shopping can be challenging, especially if you don’t know your exact measurements?!  I have both hands raised!  There have been many occasions that I’ve shopped for a new bra and end up guessing my size.  Guessing is definitely not the right approach to finding the perfect bra!

I’m no longer guessing my bra size and today I’m sharing how you can easily get your exact measurements from the comfort of home and have a positive bra shopping experience!

My CoolSculpting 12 Week Update

Twelve weeks ago, I had CoolSculpting for the first time.  I’ve been documenting my journey and today I’m excited to share my 12 week post treatment update!  Now that I am 12 weeks post treatment, I’m happy to report that I am beyond pleased with my results!  From 6 to 12 weeks, I noticed a subtle change in my more sculpted abdomen and I continued to feel more lean.  My clothes continue to fit well and I’m feeling even more confident.  I’ve truly enjoyed wearing more form fitting pieces like this black jumpsuit, which hugs my curves and accentuates my more sculpted abdomen!

Tips for Dating Your Spouse

Peter and I decided early in our marriage that dating one another would always be a top priority for us and it has been, even all of these years later.  I talk to so many friends who never date their spouse.  My friends…there is ALWAYS time to date your spouse and it doesn’t always require lining up a family member, babysitter, or kid sitter to make it happen.  Although I will say that I do think it is important to get dressed up, have a sitter for a night, and go out on the town together (whatever “out on the town” means to you)!