August Amazon Haul

Today I’m sharing some of my recent, FAVORITE, Amazon finds…an Amazon Haul. Amazon has quickly become a go-to destination for ALL THINGS but often times it requires a hunt, especially when you are just wanting to find fun new things. I’ve done the hunting for you and am happy to share the things that I’m currently loving, which are all affordable too!

Victoria Emerson Wrap Bracelets

Meet Victoria Emerson!!! I’m so excited to share more about this amazing brand with you today (and the INCREDIBLE 40% off sale that is currently happening) because I was recently, within the last several months, introduced to Victoria Emerson myself and I’m so glad that I was!

I’m always on the lookout for beautiful unique accessories that tell a story so when I came across Victoria Emerson, I was immediately intrigued and drawn to her stunning handmade designs. And yes, I said handmade…her wrap bracelets are intricate, the attention to detail is like none other, and you are getting a unique one-of-a-kind piece!

Back to School with Walmart

Addison is ALL about colorful clothes right now as well as fun accessories and we had THE BEST time shopping together at Walmart for some of her back to school gear! Normally I just pick out her clothes but I decided to take her along this time and let her pick out some things and she had a BLAST!

Walmart has such a great selection of bright colorful girls clothing with special little touches so of course she immediately gravitated to everything colorful, sparkly, and girly. Not to mention Walmart’s children’s clothing is super affordable and durable…it holds up really well and can stand up to wash after wash!

Walmart’s Grocery Pickup Service

Where have I been?! Apparently living on another planet! Do you ever have those moments when you shake your head and wonder why you haven’t started something sooner? I had that moment last week after trying Walmart’s Grocery Pickup for the first time…it was a true AH HA moment.

A light bulb went off in my mind…HELLO BROOKE…Walmart’s Grocery Pickup is the answer to all of your grocery shopping dreams! I mean, why wouldn’t I do something to simplify my weekly routines like grocery shopping?! Seems like a no brainer to me…Walmart’s Grocery Pickup is BOMB and I’m sharing why should be also be using this service!


Reign Total Body Fuel at Walgreens

As many of you know, I’ve been on a personal health and fitness journey for the past 6 months…I’ve been eating well and maintaining a consistent workout regimen. Working out has become such an enjoyable part of my everyday routine and I love starting or ending my day with a great workout session or even some yoga!

Fueling my body during and after my workouts is important to me and I recently discovered Reign Total Body Fuel when shopping at Walgreens. I typically drink BCAA’s, which are great for muscle protection & recovery, so when I was reading more about Reign, I was immediately intrigued by the fact that each drink has 7X times the BCAA’s, 5X the CoQ10 (a natural antioxidant), and 2X the electrolytes as the leading competitor.

Back to School Shopping with Walmart

We Moms have checklists upon checklists of things to do before school starts back and one thing that is always on our checklists is shopping for new clothes for our child/children. Preparing for back to school can be a bit overwhelming and sometimes financially straining, especially if you have more than one child. 

Shopping for new back to school clothes should be a fun thing for you and your child to do together and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune either. That’s why this year, we have shopped at Walmart for many of Reins’ and Addison’s back to school clothes!

Beautycounter Countertime Skincare Line

Countertime is here y’all and I am beyond excited to finally be able to share this amazing new anti-aging skincare line from Beautycounter with you all! I’ve been using the entire line for 2 weeks…I absolutely LOVE it and I know you will too!

Clean beauty has become such an important part of my daily routine and I can’t say enough great things about Beautycounter. Our products are truly amazing…not only are they clean but they are also very effective! I feel so good about what I’m putting on my skin everyday and I want you to feel good about it too!

Introducing kristen BROOKE

Today is a very special day…kristen BROOKE is finally here, YAY!!! I’ve been working on this project since April and I’m thrilled to finally be able to share it with you! kristen BROOKE is a curated collection of accessories that I have sourced and handpicked just for YOU!

Curating my own collection of accessories was a natural next step for me so that is why I started kristen BROOKE! Each piece is unique and special in its own way and I hope that you love my summer collection just as much as I do.

SkinCeuticals CUSTOM D.O.S.E

What is CUSTOM D.O.S.E?  CUSTOM D.O.S.E is a professional service provided by SkinCeuticals “that combines high-potency ingredients with professional expertise to recommend a personalized corrective serum just for you”.  This advanced skincare technology enables a serum to be designed and created for your specific skincare needs.

Today I’m sharing more about having my CUSTOM D.O.S.E created and how you can have this done as well!

Tips for Preparing your Backyard for Summer

Summer is upon us and many of us are working hard to get our outdoors and patios in tip top shape so we can enjoy the long warm days ahead making memories with our families and friends!

Today I’m sharing a few tips on how you can get your backyard ready for summer! There are several simple easy things that you can do to ensure you are prepared for an enjoyable summer.

Inspire Change with Inspire Kindness

Let’s chat…how do you inspire kindness?! As parents, we place a lot of emphasis on kindness and we are continually teaching Reins and Addison about kindness and how to show kindness to one another and to others. We’ve also taught them that small (or large) acts of kindness can make a big difference in someones life. They know what it feels like to be both on the receiving and the giving end of a good dead and they both agree how happy spreading kindness makes them feel. As an adult, it truly makes me happy too!!! We lead by example and I hope they will always follow our lead.

I’m sharing more about how we as a family are inspiring change with Inspire Kindness!  I truly hope you will get involved too!

TIKI Brand BiteFighter Torch Fuel

Summer is such a joyous time, a time that we look forward to every year. From outdoor gatherings, to beach trips, to summer camps, to sooooo many fun memories made as a family spending time outdoors…we truly love this time of year!

As we gear up for summertime, we stock up on TIKI Brand BiteFighter Torch Fuel to ensure that we can enjoy the outdoors without being bothered by those pesky mosquito’s. Mosquitos can really put a damper on your enjoyment of the outdoors and TIKI Brand’s BiteFighter Torch Fuel provides proven mosquito repellency to help keep mosquitos away. 

Habitat for Humanity – #HomeIsTheKey Campaign Recap

I recently traveled to Atlanta to participate in Habitat for Humanity’s 3rd annual #HomeIsTheKey campaign and home dedication. You may recall that Habitat for Humanity came to Nashville last year and that was my first year participating in this particular campaign…to say that I was thrilled to participate for my second year was an understatement.

Last year I shared how impressed I was with all of the work that Habitat for Humanity and their amazing partners are doing and I was even more impressed this year. Through their #HomeIsTheKey campaign, they work diligently to ensure that affordable housing is available to so many.

LOFT Littles for Mother’s Day

“Mommy, I’ll look just like you” she exclaimed!  Addison jumped with joy and flashed the brightest toothless smile when I showed her the new dress that I picked up for her to wear this Mother’s Day.  It’s not often that Addison will agree to wear exactly what I pick out for her (much less match with me), so seeing and hearing her excitement when I gave her this new LOFT Littles dress made me so happy.

I’m excited to share that LOFT has introduced a Mother/Daughter collection, called LOFT Littles, which features colorful floral prints, bold polka dots, buffalo check, and bright whites.  This new collection is beautiful and perfect for those special Mommy/Daughter moments that you and your daughter share together.