Photos || Madi Flournoy Henderson
My Photographer may just think I am crazy.  She says she doesn’t but how could she not?!  Shooting pictures with two rambunctious kiddos who only want to run wild and free is like trying to corral wild horses.  Not saying that I’ve ever done that, but I can only imagine what that would be like and well, it seems like a logical comparison.  Not to mention, trying to keep my cool and not turn into “that crazy Mommy” was well…again, my Photographer may think I’m crazy. 
They feed off of each other…one does this so the other has to follow.  It’s like their own little language.  They communicate through looks at one another and don’t even have to speak.  Next thing you know, its like they made a joint decision pathologically and they are off in the distance executing the exact plan they just put in place.
“Get back here” I call and in the opposite direction they go!  Now don’t get me wrong, they are good listeners and the mind me (most of the time) but when taken to a beautiful wide open space to shoot pictures all the while telling them that they can’t run around and play…well, that’s like dangling a carrot in front of a horse, or rabbit, or donkey.  You get what I’m saying.
So what did we end up doing…we played!  They ran, they picked flowers, they twirled, they searched for one live animal to feed something to, and we tickled.  Mostly, we laughed and had such a great time (at least once I told “that crazy Mommy” to take a hike).  
Let it go and let it be I told myself.  As I look back at these images (there are tons more where these came from), I remember all of the giggles that we shared and I think the pictures beautifully captured the fun we were having.
We were just comfortable being ourselves.  And I’ve got to say that my look from Matilda Jane is one of the most comfortable no fuss looks I’ve worn in a long time.  I just love how relaxed I felt wearing this outfit!  And Addison’s look is just DARLING if I say so myself.  She felt so special wearing her outfit and coordinating with me.  Plus, anything that twirls well gets an A+ in her book!
So next time you are thinking of taking photos with your little ones, remember to have as much fun as possible…everyone’s genuine happiness will shine through.  And check out Matilda Jane for some gorgeous coordinating Mommy & Me looks!
It’s Friday y’all…enjoy!  And as always, thanks so much for stopping by…have a great day!