Mommy & Me with Matilda Jane

Hi everyone!  I’m welcoming a special little guest on the blog today…our sweet pea Addison!  I can tell you, this shoot did not start out great…being the strong willed independent little girl that she is, she wanted nothing to do with taking pictures.
No matter how much I talked with her beforehand about a “special project” with Mommy, how much I told her the colors in her dress looked like those of Anna’s dress for the coronation (yes, we still love “Frozen”), or how awesome the reward was that was waiting in my pocket (yes, there was a little bribery involved) she wasn’t having anything to do with it.
BUT…I quickly remembered the tips that I shared with you about having a successful photo season from Monday’s post and I immediately put those tips into play myself.  She and I started playing together and the more playing we did, the more fun we both had and the better the pictures turned out.  I mean, how happy (and cute I must say) does she look jumping in these photos?!
And how adorable is this Matilda Jane outfit?!  Before moving to Nashville, I knew nothing about Matilda Jane…it was not on my radar.  After moving here, I always spotted little girls wearing these adorable pieces that were so unique and colorful.  Shortly after, I was invited to my first Matilda Jane home trunk show and fell in love with the brand.
I bought a few pieces for Addison at that trunk show and I’ve stayed in touch with their seasonal releases ever since.  I am also wearing Matilda Jane…I just adore this sweet floral top and this vest is so comfortable!  They carry comfortable, casual & unique pieces for us Momma’s as well!
If you haven’t heard of Matilda Jane, I encourage you to browse their website!  To order, you simply find a “Trunk Keeper” in or around your area…it is so simple!
Addison is wearing:
Tights: no longer available
I’m wearing:
Vest: no longer available
Thanks so much for stopping by and for welcoming my special guest today!  Have a great day!