Tips For a Successful Fall Family Photo Session

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Hi everyone…hope you all had a great weekend!  Today, I will be sharing some tips on how to get yourself (and your family if you have one) ready for those Fall photo sessions!

Many of us, especially those of us with families, already have a date scheduled for a Fall family photo shoot with hopes of getting that perfect shot for a Christmas or Holiday card.  Maybe you have already had your session (good for you because you are way ahead of this Momma)!  Of course the responsibility of scheduling the Photographer (while keeping a budget in mind) and coordinating outfits typically falls on the shoulders of all of us Momma’s.
Early on I would stress about our family photos (would my kids behave, would we have nice weather,   is the Photographer as good as I think he/she is, will our outfits look coordinated and not cheesy, will our DOGS sit still long enough to capture a photo with them and the list goes on and on).  Just that one shot…THAT. ONE. SHOT is all we need…Lord, please please let my kids cooperate and not make silly faces in EVERY photo.  Momma’s…can I get an amen or an amen?!
By now, I have learned to roll with it…in fact, some of my absolute favorite photos of my little family are those that are imperfect…a shirt untucked, hair out of place, not looking at the camera BUT laughing, playing, and letting our joy (not our stress) come across in the photos!  So Momma’s…like Elsa would sing…”Let it go”!  Let it go and let those natural joyful moments shine during your sessions!
Let’s talk a little bit about outfit planning…
I’m a BIG fan of not being matchy matchy but instead wearing complimentary colors and patterns that mix well together (stripes/plaids, stripes/florals, plaid/florals, etc).  I also recommend mixing in some solids with those patterns…in other words, every family member should not be in a plaid print or in a stripe print, etc.  This makes for a BUSY photo and can be very distracting.  After all…don’t you want everyone to focus on those adorable kiddos of yours?!
It is also important to know that when working with a shade of wine/burgundy, a shade of navy, etc…there will be fabric color variations and they do not need to match perfectly…again they need to be complimentary and tie the entire look together.
Additional tips to keep in mind when preparing for your family photo session:
1. Pick your location first and use your location as inspiration when planning your outfits.  If you are shooting in front of trees with bright fall foliage, you will want to steer clear of reds, yellows, browns, etc!
2. Wear what makes both you and your kiddos feel great!  If someone isn’t comfortable in their clothes, it will come across in the photos.  Ladies…if wearing something too tight and you feel like you have to suck everything in to get that great shot, it’s not worth it…pick something else (trust me, I’ve been there)!
AND if your child is wanting to wear his/her favorite pair of shoes but it doesn’t match the outfit you have put together, it’s OKAY, maybe let him/her wear those favorite shoes in just a few of the photos!  Have fun and roll with it!
3. Layer your look!  Layers add dimension and depth…things like scarves, belts, vests, sweaters, hats, hair pieces, accessories, etc are all great layering pieces for Fall photo sessions.
4. Make sure your clothes fit (not too loose and not too tight)!  This is especially true for your little ones, clothes that are too big can look sloppy!  Remember…tailored but not tight!
5. Dress for your environment and always be flexible!  As we all know, weather is so unpredictable and although we always hope for the perfect weather and lighting for our photo session, it may just not happen.  Be willing to adjust what your family is wearing not the day of your session if necessary.  After all, no one will be happy if it turns out to be an 80 degree day and you are dressed head to toe for a snow storm…something to keep in mind!
Most importantly…HAVE FUN!  Enjoy this time with your family and make some great memories together laughing & playing!  No one is perfect, let’s be honest…embrace those imperfect moments, which ultimately turn out to be the MOST PERFECT moments in my opinion!
Have you already taken your family photos this year?!  What did you wear in your shoot?!

As always, thanks so much for stopping by and have a great Monday!

p.s today I am linking up with Sincerely Jenna Marie!

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