Lyon + Post

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine having gorgeous clothes delivered right to your doorstep for you to try on in the comfort of your own home.  No crowds, no prepping for a day of shopping, no dressing rooms (well, just your bedroom), no worry over getting hot & sweaty trying on clothes, etc.  Sound appealing?!  
When I discovered Lyon + Post, I thought it was too good to be true!  I’ve always enjoyed shopping in the stores and shopping online but being a busy Momma of two, I rarely have the time.  Lyon + Post is revolutionizing the way we shop online by providing us the opportunity to shop before we buy.  Yes, that’s right…shop before you buy!
Lyon + Post curates beautiful pieces from various designers and all you have to do is make your selections and they will send the pieces your way to try on.  I know you must be wondering…”is there a monthly membership/subscription fee?”  And the answer is NO!  The pieces that you select are sent to you for FREE, you try them on for FREE, and you mail the unwanted pieces back for FREE!  You will only pay for the pieces that you fall in love with and decide to keep!
The pieces that I picked for my first box were absolutely gorgeous and they were all under $150.  Because I am a bargain shopper, I specifically selected affordable yet high quality pieces.  The dress and top styled for this post were my two favorite pieces from my box.  I also picked a gorgeous red slit dress and a stunning blush dress.  The red slit dress was beautiful but it didn’t flatter my figure and the blush dress would have absolutely been a keeper but it was just a little too tight on my hips.
Overall, my box was a BIG WINNER and I am a HUGE fan of Lyon + Post.  Besides the pieces being beautiful high quality pieces, the thing I love most is that you do not pay anything out of pocket unless you decide to keep a piece, two, or four from your box!
I highly recommend that you try Lyon + Post…they are one of a kind!  When you do, let me know what you think!
As always, thanks so much for stopping by and have a great day!
| Photos | Catherine Truman Photos