Sheer Fear: And Other See-Through Fabrics

I am not one to shy away from an unusual trend. I’ve tried a feather hair extension and skinny cargo pants. I’ve wore sweatsuit pants with words on the butt, and who among us didn’t own a pair of UGG boots? I even embarrassingly wore a few popcorn shirts in middle school—thanks for making me remember that one Bustle

Considering my past fashion disasters, it’s hard to believe there would still be a style today that I’m hesitant to try. Or maybe, too self-conscious to try is a little more of an honest answer. But the new “naked” trend is just downright intimidating. 
Naked dresses and ensembles are all over the red carpet lately. Usually the majority of a “naked” piece is made up of sheer, or other transparent material, and the wearer’s private areas are covered up by non-transparent material. Pieces with very little fabric and precisely cutaway sections also qualify. Earlier this year, Harper’s Bazaar cited Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, and Kim Kardashian all wearing different types of nearly-nude dresses at the 2015 Met Gala. They called the sudden boost in popularity “the Rihanna effect,” after the singer’s appearance in a see-through dress at the CFDA fashion awards last year. 
I know those women are some of the hottest names in fashion, but I’m just not sure I could leave myself exposed like that. The other day I spent some time browsing the collection of different bodysuits on Lyst for inspiration, and decided I could try a sheer top with a lace bodysuit underneath, similar to the For Love & Lemons Penelope Crochet piece, but that’s as far as I think I could go. I need to have my front business covered when I go out! I certainly don’t want to be worried that something might be out all night, or that I’m giving the person sitting across from me more of a show than I bargained for at dinner. 
I could, however, see myself altering the trend a bit—similar to the way that Kate Middleton recently did. The Duchess of Cambridge has always been a fashion icon for me, and her latest dress at the world premiere of Spectre was nothing short of dazzling. According to the Daily Mail, “Kate was a vision in diaphanous ice-blue chiffon.”
To me, her dress was the perfect amount of transparent trend. And because, in my eyes, she can do no fashion wrong, it’s a look I’m willing to take a whack at. Granted, I can’t pull things off the same way Kate Middleton can, but hey, it’s not like I haven’t embarrassed myself before!

As always, thanks so much for stopping by…have a great start to you week!