Boozy Pirate Rum Milkshake

Captain Jack Sparrow is a rum connoisseur and he has quite the sweet tooth too! Jack’s mug is filled to the brim with this Boozy Pirate Rum Milkshake and its sure to keep all Pirates singing a jolly song.

Gather up the ingredients (listed below) and make these delicious boozy milkshakes this Halloween weekend! These can be made without the rum so all can enjoy this rich, delicious, frothy concoction.

Be jolly and enjoy this season…Captain Jack Sparrow wouldn’t want it any other way! ARGH…cheers matey!



  • vanilla ice cream
  • cherry soda (make sure the soda is red)
  • chocolate syrup
  • clear rum
  • whipped cream


First, drizzle chocolate syrup inside of your glass mugs. Put the mugs into the refrigerator or freezer for just a few minutes so the chocolate syrup can stiffen a bit. Scoop vanilla ice cream into your mugs. If you are opting in for the rum…pour 2 ounces (less or more depending on personal preference) over the ice cream.

Next, pour the red colored cherry flavored soda overtop of the ice cream leaving some space at the top of your mug for whipped cream. Finally, add the whipped cream to top off this milkshake and dress is up by misting some red sugar water on top or sprinkle some Halloween sprinkles on top.

Take a sip and enjoy this delicious, sweet, frothy Boozy Pirate Rum Milkshake. ARGH, MATEY!