Peach Blackberry Summer Salad

Photography by Madi Flournoy Henderson

School may be back in and we all may be craving cooler fall temps, but we still have several weeks of summer left and peaches are still filling the produce shelves.  We love peaches and will be eating them until they are out of season.  Today, I”m sharing an easy, healthy, & delicious peach blackberry summer salad.  This salad is the perfect way to enjoy the last days of summer!

Here’s what you will need to create this colorful salad!

  • spring mix salad
  • fresh peaches
  • fresh blackberries
  • goat cheese
  • candied walnuts
  • honey
  • salt & pepper
  • balsamic vinaigrette dressing

Get as creative as you would like with your presentation…I like to spread the spring mix salad (after mixing the spring mix lettuce with your favorite balsamic vinaigrette dressing) on a serving platter and then place the blackberries and peaches artfully on top.  I crumble the candied walnuts and sprinkle on top. I also break up the goat cheese into crumbles and then sprinkle the cheese on top as well.  Drizzle the salad with a bit of honey and then add a dash of salt and black pepper.

This salad is perfectly paired with barbecue chicken in the summer and a nice white wine!  Serve up and enjoy my friends!

You can easily make this salad in the fall by replacing the blackberries with blueberries or dried cranberries and replacing the peaches with pears or apples!

Do you have a favorite summer salad?!

As always, thanks so much for stopping by and I’ll see you back here real soon!