Evereve Mom’s New Year

Photography by Madi Flournoy Henderson

It’s that time of year…school is back in session and it is time to get back into all of our school year routines!  As a Mom of two, I love spending time with our kiddos during the summer months and it is always bittersweet when summer comes to a close BUT I’m also thrilled to return to a set daily schedule and honestly, to be regain some ME time!  Momma’s, whose with me?!

Feeling excited for the start of a new school year does not mean that you should feel that “Mom guilt” that I know we have all felt from time to time.  Yes, the years pass quickly and yes our kiddos are only little once BUT it is what we do with that precious time that truly matters.  When you are present, living in the moment, you will always feel confident that you are giving your all when you are with your child/children.  Cherish all of the special moments that you have with them regardless if it is when they are in or out of school.

Reins and Addison have been so excited to start a new school year so of course I’ve been so excited for them!  Their excitement has truly helped me squash any Mom guilt that I have been feeling.  After all, their happiness is what is most important and when they are happy, so am I!

It has been a joy to send them off to start their 3rd and 1st grade years and I’ve really enjoyed some personal time doing some of the things I love most like shopping and enjoying lunch with girlfriends.  On their first day of school, I picked out a new outfit from Evereve and then met a girlfriend for lunch at one of my favorite spots…it was the perfect way to celebrate the start of a new year for both our children and myself.  In my opinion, we have to fuel our souls to be able to fuel our children’s so it’s totally okay to take care of yourself and focus on what makes you most happy as well.

Evereve celebrates every stage of motherhood and they recently reminded me that it’s okay to focus on me and it’s okay to be excited for the start of a new school year.  I don’t feel shame in that excitement…I feel recentered and refocused and since we are being honest, I feel like a better Mom because I have reclaimed some of my time!  Evereve encourages all of us Momma’s to embrace the start of a new school year and celebrate it as if it’s Mom’s New Year!  This is not only a brand new start for our children but it is also a brand new start for each of us…an opportunity to focus on yourself!  There’s no need to wait until January 1st to celebrate a fresh start…instead your fresh start begins now…Happy Mom’s New Year my friends!

I challenge you to focus on YOU, find something that fuels your soul, something that makes you happy…a personal passion, a hobby, or whatever helps you regain some ME time!  Lock away any guilt you may be feeling and celebrate the awesome Mom that you are!  Remember…before you became a Mom…you were simply YOU and that person still needs love and attention!

How will you be celebrating the start of Mom’s New Year?!

As always, thanks so much for stopping by and I look forward to seeing you back here real soon!

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