The Iconic Sweetie with Links of London

*Today’s post was in collaboration with Links of London via Shopping Links.

Photography by Madi Flournoy Henderson
The “Iconic Sweetie Bracelet” from Links of London is inspired by the candy charm bracelets that many of us wore as a child and today, it is designed to be a timeless representation of our own personal stories.  When you design your Sweetie bracelet, you are picking out charms that mean something to you!  
I had a hard time picking out my charms because when browsing through all of the options, there were so many that could easily represent something meaningful in my life.  I immediately was drawn to the house charm for many reasons.  The charm is called “home is where the heart is”, which is a saying I have said so often and that I truly believe in.  We also moved into our brand new home this past August so this particular charm holds such a very special meaning for me and my family…it represents a new beginning as well.
I also picked the feather charm, which to me reminds me to keep a light heart and a lighthearted perspective on things and this gorgeous acorn charm, which is a symbol of luck and power.  I’ve always heard that acorns are representative of “luck” so why not wear a little luck around your wrist every day. 
Next up, I am going to add the initials for our children.  There are so many other charms that I cannot wait to add to my Sweetie bracelet.
The Sweetie is such a great gift for someone special in your life or you may even want to treat yourself and start your very own personalized bracelet.  Either way, I’m certain you will cherish your Sweetie for years to come.
As always, thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you all have a great day!