A Million Reasons (Why It’s Good to BE a Girl) with Vera Bradley

Photography by Madi Flournoy Henderson

Vera Bradley is on a mission to share a million reasons why it’s good to be a girl and I’m thrilled to team up with them to share “MY reasons” why I think it’s not only good, but that it is GREAT, to be a girl!

I think back to my early childhood and I can’t help but think of my parents who helped form my perception of what it meant to be a girl.  They guided me but they also allowed me to form my own opinions, develop my own self and my own life experiences, and turn into the “girl” that I wanted to be (as long as I was following the rules that is ;-)).

My Dad would spend time blow drying my hair into the most perfect little bob and my Mom would spend time taking me shopping at some of the most girly stores.  At the same time, they would send me out the door to play baseball in a field of boys, to trample in the creek, to shoot hoops, and to do anything that allowed my inner tomboy to flourish as well.  I’ve always been a girly girl yet I could hang with the fellas as well.

One of the most amazing things about being a girl is that I have been able to bring life into this world and have two beautiful children who I now have the honor to parent and help guide just as my parents did with me.  I just had to pause and think about that sentence…I brought LIFE into this world…man, I am LUCKY and BLESSED to be a girl!!!

There are so many reasons why I think it’s good to be a girl, like being a Momma, and here are a few other reasons that I wanted to share with you all!

1) I can provide the BEST comfort!  As a Momma, I’m able to comfort our children in a way that no one else can.  It is such a privilege to be the one that they run to when they need comforting and when they need a little extra TLC.  Don’t get me wrong…Dad’s have a very special way of doing this as well but there is nothing like a Mother’s hug and a Mother’s touch when it comes comforting a child…it’s good to be a girl!

2) I can cry at a sappy commercial and not feel embarrassed!  I don’t know about you all, but I can be moved to tears pretty easily sometimes…especially when I see a commercial that pulls at the heart strings!  I don’t hesitate to get teary eye or even shed a few tears if something moves me and I never feel embarrassed when I do…it’s good to be a girl!

3) I can collect & carry all kinds of different handbags!  Handbag collector over here my friends…two hands raised!!  Can you ever really have too many handbags?!  I love being a girl because I can have a killer handbag collection and switch my bags out daily if I want to!  I’m currently obsessed with backpacks, just like this gorgeous mustard yellow Vera Bradley backpack that you see in this post!  Again…it’s good to be a girl!

4) I can get DEEP with my girlfriends!  Let’s be honest…girl talk is some of the best talk and I love that I can get super deep with my girlfriends.  No surface level conversations here.  No subject off limits.  We scratch the surface open and then peel back the layers!  We aren’t afraid to share our feelings, our joys, our fears…you get the picture.  Girl talk fuels the soul…it’s good to be a girl!

5) I can rock a camo jacket with confidence!  Ladies…camo jackets aren’t just for the fellas anymore and no, I can assure you that you won’t look like a hunter.  Rock a camo jacket with some distressed denim and a tee for a casual chic look.  As a girl, I love that I can wear something more masculine and make it look feminine…it’s good to be a girl!

Now your turn!  I’d love to hear why you feel that it’s good to be a girl!  Leave a comment below…can’t wait to hear from you!  You may also share “your reason” HERE or on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook with hashtag #itsgoodtobeagirl!

*Special thank you to Vera Bradley for partnering on today’s post.  All opinions are 100% my own.  It’s partnerships like these that make KBStyled possible.