Back to School in our Payless KangaRoos

*This post is sponsored by Payless, but all opinions expressed are 100% my own. 

Photos || Madi Flournoy Henderson
Going back to school is something that our kiddos get so excited about…thankfully they both LOVE school!  We always go back to school shopping and now that they are getting a little bit older, they like to pick out their clothes and then pick out a pair of matching shoes!
Ever since they were little, we always made a big deal about new shoes.  We would (and still do) tell them that their new shoes were super special because they would make them run faster and jump higher.  Any time they put on a new pair of shoes, they run around to show us how fast they can now run and this is followed by a jumping exercise to show us how high they can jump.  They are the fastest runners and highest jumpers we have EVER seen. 😉
So as you can imagine, when their new KangaROOS from Payless arrived in the mail, they were beyond excited!  The shoes went on and out of the corner of my eye I saw two speedy little ones running past!  Next thing I knew, I saw them trying to put little toys in the pocket on the side of their shoe…”these are my new favorite shoes” Reins told me and Addison told me that she couldn’t wait to show her new shoes to her friends at school.
I even tried a pair of KangaROOS and I’ve gotta say, they are sooooo comfortable!
As a Mom of two very active children who go through shoes rather quickly, KangaROO sneakers are such a great option!  They are comfy, the kids feel special wearing them, they are practical, and they are affordable…what more could you ask for?!
Whether for yourself or your kiddos, I definitely recommend that you check out Payless’ assortment of KangaROOS!
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