Tackling Acne with ZAPZYT

*Thank you ZAPZYT for kindly sponsoring this post.  All opinions are my own.

Photos || Madi Flournoy Henderson
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Who would have thought that I’d still be fighting acne from time to time?!  Not me.  I assumed that those days were long gone but just as the tides change (so do hormones) and I’ve been fighting acne yet again.

My breakouts are nowhere near what they were during my teenage years but there are enough of those pesky pimples to need a regimen that quickly knocks them out…insert ZAPZYT.
Those red little nuisances visit when I get stressed or when I don’t stay on top of my skincare routines.  Beyond a small pimple here or there I have also been getting cyst like pimples, mostly in my chin area, and those bad boys HURT!  Has anyone else suffered through growing a painful mountain on your chin?!
Of course I have such a hard time keeping my hands off of them (let’s be honest, who can resist popping a pimple).  Yep, it’s GROSS, but I know you ALL do it too!  I end up poking and prodding so much that it ends up leaving a scar on my face.  
And since we are being totally honest here…I always try and pop them before they are truly ready to be popped.  Obviously I don’t have patience to sit around and watch a pimple grow and develop so I try to move it along…in my mind, the sooner it can be popped, the sooner it will go away.  Probably not the best approach but I just can’t resist the temptation.
I’ve used a variety of products and often times I feel that all they do is irritate my skin and dry my skin out!  So when ZAPZYT asked if I’d like to try their products, I didn’t think twice.
I’ve tried their Pore Clearing Scrub, the Pore Treatment Gel, the Acne Wash, and the Acne Treatment Gel and have been very pleased with all 4 products.  I recommend that you start out slowly and then increase your daily usage to avoid drying out your skin.
I started using these products at a time when I had a break out to see if I noticed an immediate difference and within a week, I noticed that the pimples had disappeared and that overall redness had gone down.  Now, at the time I started, I only had a few pimples on my face but I definitely feel that it the products worked well for me and my skin.  I used a very thin layer of the gel to ensure I wasn’t putting too much product on and that seemed to work just fine.
ZAPZYT is definitely worth trying if you are suffering from acne.  You should also know that it is soooooo affordable too, which was a HUGE plus for in my book.  I’ve spent so much money on expensive creams, washes, gels, etc so it was refreshing to try something that works at a super reasonable price point.  Interested in giving their products a try?!  You can find ZAPZYT products HERE.  
I’m also excited to share that ZAPZYT has so kindly offered to GIVEAWAY a full set of products to 5 KBStyled supporters!  All you have to do is leave a comment below, sharing your personal story with acne and if you are one of the first 5 to comment, you will receive a full set of products!  PLEASE note, you will need to leave your email address along with your comment so I can contact you directly, should you win, to collect your mailing address so the products may be shipped directly to you.
Thanks so much for stopping by and for sharing your personal acne story as well!  Hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend!