Mommy & Me With Matilda Jane

Photos || Madi Flournoy Henderson
What a fun time Addison and I had shooting these looks from Matilda Jane!  I don’t do a lot of posts with our children simply because I am so protective of them but from time to time I will stand alongside of both for fun posts like this one.  And these looks were just too cute to not share with everyone!
Addison is such a ham and I think she enjoyed being in front of the camera. 😉  I was really proud of her.  You Momma’s know that getting your young children to smile in front of a camera can be a task in itself and not an easy one at that.  Addison almost knew what to do without much direction…she was a natural but there may have just been a little bribing along the way too!
And I can’t get over how adorable Addison looks when wearing Matilda Jane!  I absolutely LOVE their clothes on her and she loves them too.  They fit so nicely and the quality is excellent…not to mention they hold up really well with multiple washes.  And how adorable is this “Ginger Top” that I am wearing from Matilda Jane?!  Quite frankly, I am completely obsessed with it.  It gives a slight nod to the 70’s with it’s fun vibrant print while offering a much more modern fit!
If you are familiar with Matilda Jane, I am sure you share the same love for it and if you are not, I highly encourage you to spend some time browsing their site!  If interested in ordering anything, you will have the option to search for a trunk keeper in your area.  You will then contact that person directly!
As always, thanks so much for stopping by…have a great day!