Addison, Me, & Matilda Jane

Photos || Madi Flournoy Henderson

Do you see that little ham?!  That’s our Addison and she and I had the best time shooting these Matilda Jane looks together.  She didn’t need much guidance, she kind of just “did her thing” if you know what I mean. 😉
Addison loves trying on clothes.  She will put on an outfit and within 15 minutes she is back in her room changing into another outfit.  This would go on all day long if we would let her!  So when she receives new Matilda Jane pieces in the mail, you can image the fashion show that she puts on for us. I can always tell how special she feels when wearing her Matilda Jane pieces and I can totally understand why…they are ADORABLE!
She always tells me how much she loves dressing like Mommy or dressing to match Mommy so when we have the opportunity to dress in coordinating pieces she is sooooo happy.  I’ve enjoyed wearing Matilda Jane as well…their pieces are feminine, classic, pretty, and down right comfortable!  
I adore the floral print on this “Marzipan Rose Dress”…the colors and print POP on the muted grey backdrop.  I’ve added the “Spoonful of Sugar” dress extender to add an extra feminine layer with a little peek-a-boo of lace detailing.
Stay tuned for some fun Matilda Jane looks that I’ve recently shot with Addison.  Excited to share more with you all.
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