Ring Ring Ringly

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There are two things I can say with certainty…I LOVE accessories and I LOVE my iPhone.  I rarely leave home without layering on my accessories and I always have my phone nearby…always.  It’s my lifeline.  I’m sure many of you are nodding your heads saying “yep, me too”.
I was recently introduced to Ringly and boy has it this ring rocked my world in an awesome way.  Fashion and technology have collided and Ringly has introduced an absolutely stunning ring that is so tech savvy too.  Crazy right?!  I mean, I know there are smartwatches and all but a smart ring?!  Bravo Ringly, BRAVO!
You see that gorgeous green ring that I’m wearing?  Well let me tell you about it…prepare to have your mind blown.  At least mine was because I wouldn’t consider myself the most tech savvy person and this ring just blew my mind.
Ringly connects directly with your smartphone and allows you to receive customized notifications.  Calls, texts, emails, etc.  More importantly, Ringly provides our tech hungry generation the opportunity to reconnect with one another (the old school way…face to face, chatting over coffee, enjoying life together, etc) instead of constantly looking down at our phones, which keeps us disconnected from the world around us.
Set up your Ringly to only receive important notifications through subtle vibrations and light alerts.  For example…if I need to be alerted that a call is coming in from one of my children’s schools during the workday, I have my Ringly set up to notify me.  Or when my Hubby text or calls me…my Ringly alerts me that I have a new text or call.  How awesome is that?!
What I love most is that I can set my phone to the side while wearing my Ringly and still remain “connected”.  I just don’t have my phone right beside me tempting me to become distracted and spend too much time browsing through my phone.  Most importantly, it allows me to “be present” in the moment…to connect with my environment and those around me.
Ringly is a MUST HAVE accessory in my opinion.  As a busy Wife & Mommy who also works full time, I’ve become reliant on my Ringly…I can’t leave home without it!
As always, thanks so much for stopping by and have a great day!