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Before January 1st of this year, I sat down and thought through my weight loss and fitness goals.  I knew on the first day of this new year, I was going to take steps to make a change…steps to become a better me.
I’ve always enjoyed working out but I have also gone through phases where I was so dedicated and consistent with my workouts to going weeks without doing anything.
As a follow up to Friday’s post (HERE), after Addison’s surgery, I stayed home to take care of her throughout her recovery and during that time, I completely stopped working out.  I allowed myself to eat whatever I wanted (unfortunately I am a stress eater and I LOVE sweets) so over time the weight piled on…20lbs of extra weight to be exact.
Last year, I ran my first half marathon, which was a HUGE accomplishment for me BUT, I was still eating whatever I wanted, which prevented me from loosing those extra 20lbs.
There was always an excuse not to start eating right and working out…#holidays.  I enjoy food and I don’t like depriving myself of the foods that I have always loved.  But there had to come a time when I decided to give myself an opportunity to be fit again, to feel great again, and most importantly to be healthy again.
So, as of today, I am 24 days into Whole 30.  If you haven’t heard of or read about Whole 30 (and you are intrigued) I definitely recommend that you check it out.
Basically, the way I am eating has completely changed (no diary, no sugar, no grains, etc)…meats, veggies, fruits, some nuts, and waer…that’s what has been on my menu for the past 24 days.
I don’t intend to stop at 30 days.  I may relax a little on how stringent the Whole 30 plan is but I truly plan to continue shifting my perspective on food and my relationship with food.  YES, I will eat cheese again, YES I will have wine again, and YES I will have desserts again…just not all of the time.
This post was never intended to be about my weight loss and fitness goals, nor was it intended to educate anyone on Whole 30 (I still have a lot to learn) but I wanted to share some of my personal struggles/journey with you all.  Maybe I will write post about Whole 30 a little closer to the completion of my first 30.
And of course I have to say that I will continue to feel confident in cute workout gear like this Sweaty Betty tunic and leggings as I continue to lose weight.  I actually really look forward to investing in new workout gear as part of my journey towards a more strong healthy me.
Have you set any health/fitness goals for yourself this year?!
As always, thanks so much for stopping by…have a great start to your week!
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