Ms. Dress Up

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Hi everyone!  I’ve been so excited to share today’s post with you because I get to tell you about Ms. Dress Up and the product that has completely changed getting dressed!  I mean, this little product has changed my life…no more struggling here!
How many times have you struggled (I mean STRUGGLED) to get your high neck back zipper zipped all of the way up?!  Both hands raised here…I’ve totally been on that struggle bus!
There have been SO MANY times where I’ve had to get dressed on my own, with no one around to help zip me up, and I have struggled just to get myself zipped in.  Maybe if I just try this angle, lean this way, bend this way, twist my arm back just a little further, reach around this way…will I then be able to zip myself up.
Welcome to my world and every other woman’s world who has tried to put on a dress and zip themselves up.
Ms. Dress Up came up with such a genius idea to help all ladies get dressed and zip themselves up with ease.  The “zipper pull”!  I love smart little inventions and this one is sooooo SMART I tell you.  No more contorting your body just to be able to zip up that stubborn little back zipper.
Simply take your zipper pull (I’m using the flower zipper pull), attach it to the zipper hook, and pull your arm up until the zipper has been completely zipped up.  Easy right?!  You will then unhook the pull and wear it as a necklace or as a bracelet as I’ve done here!  p.s I love that this not only solves a problem but it is also a chic piece of jewelry to wear too…multifunctional and I dig it!
Wear it as a piece of jewelry or carry it in your purse so you never have to ask another stranger or dressing room attendant to help zip you up!
What do you think about the Ms Dress Up “zipper pull”?!
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