Holiday Beauty Essentials with Scentbird Perfume + 25% Off

I’m packing up my beauty bag with a few of my essential must have items!  I’ve included some of my favorite beauty products that I can’t function without (well really I could but I don’t want to, ha) and I’ve also included my Scentbird Perfume, which just happens to be the perfect travel size too!
If you haven’t heard of Scentbird, they are a monthly perfume subscription service that enables you to find scents that you love.  You can try a new scent every month!  What I love most about Scentbird is that you don’t have to commit to a large bottle of perfume but instead you can have a variety of scents to use.  I don’t know about you, but when I wear the same perfume day in and day out, I get kind of bored with the scent.  Not with Scentbird…because I can try any perfume that I would like, I’m always able to mix up the scents that I wear on a daily basis…it’s pretty awesome!
AND, Scentbird is offering my supporters a great discount if you sign up for their subscription service!  Enjoy 25% off with code KBS25!  It’s time to treat yourself my friends!
Signing up is easy and can be done HERE!
Is there a perfume that you would like to try right now?!  I have a running list of scents that I’m excited to try from Scentbird!
p.s my latest Scentbird perfume is Ralph Lauren “Blue”…one of my absolute FAVS!!!
p.s.s you can shop all items pictured HERE!

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