Fight the Aging Process with Nerium

Okay folks, let’s get real.  I’ll admit it, yes, I watch Dr. Phil and he is always telling people to “get real” so today, I am taking his advice, getting real, and discussing the aging process.
I wouldn’t consider myself a spring chicken anymore…I’m no longer in my 20’s, in fact I’m well into my 30’s (gasp…that sentence took my breath away just a little) but I’ve totally embraced these years and they have been some of my best and most memorable years yet.
I’ve definitely become more wise over time and taking care of my skin has become so much more important to me.  AND because I have given my skin lots of TLC over the years, I’ve been able to slow down the aging process and improve my skin over time.
I’m sure many of you can recall baking in the sun (without sunscreen…double GASP there)…I know I am guilty (two hands raised here and head down in shame).  There was a period of time in my 20’s when my face was spotted with melasma (dark spots, discoloration, etc) and the fine lines began to show.
It was at that time in my life when I realized that I needed to make a change for the better.  Sunscreen every day, no baking in the sun, wearing a hat and sunglasses when outdoors, etc.  I also began trying various skincare products to see what worked best for me.  
Today, I am sharing a bit about my experience with Nerium.  I’ve heard about Nerium for a couple of years but never branched out to try it simply because I was already invested in another skincare routine.
When Nerium reached out asking if I would like to try their products, I immediately said YES, OF COURSE!  I’d been hearing some great things about Nerium and I was excited to try their products for myself.  Hearing from others that they had a positive experience certainly drew me in and I was more than willing to give their products a try.  I was also intrigued to learn more about their proprietary ingredient, NAE-8® extract.
I received the Age-Defying Night & Day Creams as well as the Firming Body Countoring Cream and I’ve been using all 3 products for several weeks now.  It’s important to note that I used the Nerium products in conjunction with a different face wash, toner, etc.
In the short period of time that I have been using their products, I have noticed an improvement in my fine lines and overall texture/tone of my skin.
The creams absorb quickly and have left my skin feeling soft and hydrated.  Something that I also really liked was that a small amount goes a long way so you can stretch the product out.
Overall, I have been pleased with my Nerium products and appreciate you all allowing me to share my experience with you.
I always recommend doing your own research before trying a new skincare regimen.  It is important to understand the benefits of products as well as what will work well for the type of skin that you have.  You want to understand your skincare goals and pick products that will help you achieve those goals.
Below is some information on how to contact Nerium and how to stay connected with them on social media as well.  As always, thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!
*Please note that Nerium did not sponsor this post, they provided the products for me to try and in turn, share my personal experience with my supporters.  All opinions are my own.