Seems like everywhere I go lately it has been SOOO HOT and not to mention humid too!  I’m not complaining because I absolutely love summertime and so do our children…if they could swim every day, probably multiple times per day, they would!  They love being outdoors and they love swimming and playing in the pool.  So far this summer, we have spent a lot of our time in the water and I know we will continue to do so until our neighborhood pool closes.
Because we love playing outdoors so much, especially by our pool, it is important that our children are protected from the sun.  Not only do we lather on sunscreen but we almost always have our children in some type of sun protective gear.  Mott 50 has us covered!  Their fashionable sun protective gear protects our children from harmful UV rays since their pieces have a UPF 50 coating.  Their clothes are comfortable, well made, affordable, and super stylish…believe it or not, its not just for your kiddos either!  They have some gorgeous pieces for women too…from coverups, to dresses, to active wear, and accessories…Mott 50 will have you covered too!
Being a Mom in my 30’s, I have realized not only how important it is to protect my children but also how important it is to protect my own skin!  The signs of aging start showing up in your late 20’s/early 30’s and if you haven’t made an effort to protect your skin from harmful UV rays, unfortunately you will start to see the repercussions of all of that fun in the sun.  For several years I have been diligent about wearing sunscreen and now I have included protective clothing/hats into my outdoor attire.  I almost NEVER go outside for an outdoor activity without sunscreen and a hat on.  Again, it is never too soon to take great care of your skin!
Below, I’m sharing with you some of my favorite pieces from Mott 50 as well as what Reins & Addison are wearing in today’s post.  Invest in yourself and protect your skin and as always thanks so much for stopping by!

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