Jalapeño Mango Margarita

Margaritas have always been one of my favorite cocktails to enjoy, especially on hot summer days! From classic, to strawberry, to spicy…what’s not to enjoy when it comes to a fresh margarita?!

Most recently, I’ve been enjoying spicy jalapeño margaritas and decided to create a jalapeño mango margarita! It’s the perfect balance of spicy and sweet!

You’ll want to be sure to save this to your favorites or pin this to Pinterest for easy reference! You could also easily swap out the mango for peaches, pineapples, or strawberries and it would be just as delicious!

Jalapeño Mango Margarita


  • 1.5-2 ounces of tequila
  • 3-4 ounces of fresh mango juice
  • .5-1 ounce of simple syrup *.5 ounces if you prefer it less sweet
  • 1/4-1/2 cup of fresh mango *muddled or pureed
  • 4-5 fresh jalapeños *more depending on how many you are serving
  • fresh limes for juicing and for garnish
  • granulated sugar
  • chili powder
  • ice


  • The night before making these margaritas, cut a couple of jalapeños into slices and soak them in tequila over night.
  • Pour some simple syrup onto a plate and some granulated sugar and chili powder (mixed) onto another plate. Dip your glasses in the simple syrup and then dip the glasses into the sugar/chili powder mixture. Set the glasses in a refrigerator.
  • Muddle the jalapeños that have been soaked in tequila along with some fresh lime juice and the fresh mango.
  • If you have a cocktail shaker, fill it with ice and then add the tequila, mango juice, simple syrup, muddled mixture, and more lime juice…then give it a shake, shake, shake…and another shake!
  • Remove your glasses from the refrigerator, fill them with ice, and pour the shaken margarita mixture over the ice.
  • Garnish with fresh jalapeño slices and a lime wedge.
  • Cheers…ENJOY!

*Swap out mangos for peaches, pineapples, or strawberries…the combinations for this spicy jalapeño margarita are endless.

I hope you enjoy these delicious, spicy and sweet, refreshing jalapeño mango margaritas! Cheers to you!

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