Walmart’s Grocery Pickup Service

Where have I been?! Apparently living on another planet! Do you ever have those moments when you shake your head and wonder why you haven’t started something sooner? I had that moment last week after trying Walmart’s Grocery Pickup for the first time…it was a true AH HA moment.

I grocery shopped at Walmart the day before trying their grocery pickup service and of course I forgot several items (paper towels, sandwich bags, peaches, avocados, etc.). While in the store, I saw signs about their grocery pickup service but I didn’t really digest it until I got home and realized how many things I had forgotten. A light bulb went off in my mind…HELLO BROOKE…Walmart’s Grocery Pickup is the answer to all of your grocery shopping dreams! I mean, why wouldn’t I do something to simplify my weekly routines like grocery shopping?! Seems like a no brainer to me…Walmart’s Grocery Pickup is BOMB and I’m sharing why should be also be using this service!

I think we all know that Walmart is your one stop shop for EVERYTHING! From groceries, to household essentials, to party supplies…Walmart has it all and so much more. As a busy Mom on the go, Walmart’s Grocery Pickup + Delivery service has quickly become my go-to “save the day” life hack. Amazing what I’ve learned and adopted within a weeks time, ha!

Walmart’s Grocery Pickup is FREE…need I say more?! No seriously, this is a big plus as some services like this charge minimums, etc. so Walmart stands out even more in this way. After forgetting some groceries, I logged onto and searched for the products that I had forgotten, added them to my cart, checked out and selected a pickup time for the next day! You can do this from your laptop and from the Walmart Grocery app. I definitely encourage you to download the FREE app as well because you can check on your grocery order there and let the Walmart team know once you have arrived. It’s soooooo simple y’all!

Finding my pickup location was easy…all you have to do is follow the signs that say Grocery Pickup (marked in orange) and pull into a parking spot. Once you have let the Walmart team know that you have arrived, your order is being delivered to you within minutes. I was so impressed with how quickly they brought out my order! There were others picking up as well and they also delivered their groceries in a very timely manner.

Once you order has been delivered to your car, you will have the opportunity to review your order and check everything out to make sure that it is up to your standards. I only did this with the produce and I can tell you, they picked such fresh produce for me and everything looked great. You can decline to receive and leave with anything that does not meet your expectations. Once you have reviewed your order, you will then sign for your order and you are ready to go! Below are just a few of the things that I ordered!

Walmart’s Grocery Pickup service is so simple and such a time saver! There are so many times where I haven’t had enough time in my day to actual go into the store to shop for everything & then wait in the checkout line or when I’ve had the kiddos in tow and don’t want to take them into the store (we Mom’s know how that goes) so this service is truly going to come in handy more than I ever imagined it would! I’m SOLD y’all and if you haven’t tried it yet, I highly encourage you to!

Plus, if you are a first time user like I was, there is a code that you can use to save $10 off you order of $50 or more! The code is M2A3DZ3F and all you have to do is visit or download the grocery app to order and redeem the discount! This offer is good until 1/31/2020 so get to shopping my friends!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on Walmart’s Grocery Pickup service…please let me know if you have tried it, what your experience was, and/or if you plan to give it a try!

As always, thanks so much for stopping by…see you back here real soon!

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