Fancy Vents Decorative Vent Covers

Sometimes there are just “things” that you cannot take your attention off of until you find a solution…for me, that was our ugly white return vent covers that have always been so visible in our living room. They were total eye sores and often times, the subject of my attention. I became obsessed with them and not in a good way. I was determined to find a decorative return vent cover that I loved and that would turn these eye sores into something much more polished and beautiful. After all, if we must have vent returns in our living space, why not make the covers decorative and gorgeous!

Google was my best friend when searching for decorative vent return covers and it didn’t take me long to stumble across a company called Fancy Vents. I immediately thought…”well, what do we have here…I like the name of these company and it sounds like they may have exactly what I’m looking for”!!! Sure enough, THEY DID and I’m pretty sure I did a little happy dance when I clicked onto their website and saw how gorgeous their vents were. I mean, the before and after photos sold me and I knew that I needed to place an order STAT!!!

As I started reading more about Fancy Vents, I learned that they are a family owned company, Husband and Wife duo, who have been in business for over 10 years. Their custom vents are handmade from start to finish and are made of steel and cast iron with a power coated finish for a high quality durable lifetime product. They customize each vent to fit your opening perfectly and they place top priority on quality and customer service. What I thought was even more cool is that they are a local TN small business and I am always thrilled to support local businesses. Fancy Vents also ships nationwide so anyone can order a customized vent return cover (or two) and they will ship the vent/s to you!

Our return openings are 20×30 and we selected the “Laura” style in dark bronze. We felt that this particular style looked a bit more modern and blended nicely with the decor in our home and the dark bronze color coordinated perfectly with our staircase and some of the other fixtures in this particular space as well.

We were so pleased with how easy it was to communicate and work with Fancy Vents. Before ordering our vents, I sent pictures of our space and asked for their guidance on the style vent we should consider. Chelsi and Kurtis, the owners, offered their honest feedback and helped guide us in our decision. I truly appreciated the time they took to help us with our decision. After placing our order, we received our vents within 3 weeks, which is such a quick turnaround for a high quality handmade product.

Installing the vent covers was easy to do and changing the filter is simple as well. Having these custom vent covers from Fancy Vents has completely transformed our space and we are beyond thrilled with them! We are no longer looking at builder grade white eye sores but instead looking at our gorgeous custom handmade vent return covers.

Take a look at your white return vent covers and then head over to Fancy Vents…I promise you will want to change them as fast as you can! If you want to transform the look of your space, adding a custom Fancy Vents return vent cover is the way to do that! We are so happy that we found Fancy Vents and I want everyone to know about them…they are truly the best return vent covers on the market.

As always, thanks so much for stopping by…see you back here real soon!