VAHAN Jewelry Collection

My love for jewelry began at a young age…I can remember going through my Mom’s jewelry box trying on her fine jewelry and wishing I were old enough to wear each piece.  My Dad gave me one of my first fine jewelry pieces on my 13th birthday and my Mom gave me a beautiful gold charm bracelet on my 16th birthday.  Since then, I have always cherished each and every piece of fine jewelry that I’ve received.

Today, I’m partnering with VAHAN Jewelry to share a bit more about this exquisite fine jewelry brand founded by French designer, Leon “Sacha” Der Calousdian, in 1968.  For 50 years, VAHAN has been creating timeless collections of women’s luxury jewelry.  VAHAN is made in the US and is based in New York as well!

VAHAN is recognized by its beautiful and uniquely textured bracelets, which are perfect for stacking!  VAHAN’s collection includes sterling silver, 14k gold, and precious gemstone pieces at a variety of price points.  You can easily wear VAHAN’S pieces every day or you can dress them up for a special occasion.  Their bracelets are stand outs on their own but when you stack them together, you immediately create a WOW moment and you are certainly going to be asked over and over again…”Where are those gorgeous bracelet’s from?!”.  VAHAN also has beautiful rings, necklaces, earrings, and pendants.  Below are the links to jewelry that I am wearing so you can check it out!

VAHAN gold and sterling silver ring

VAHAN gold and sterling silver hoop earrings

VAHAN two-toned drop earrings

VAHAN gold and sterling silver pearl necklace

VAHAN gold and sterling silver diamond bracelet

VAHAN gold and sterling silver bar diamond bracelet

VAHAN gold and sterling silver open diamond bracelet

VAHAN gold and sterling silver twisted knot loop diamond bracelet

VAHAN gold and sterling silver blue gemstone statement ring

What I love most about VAHAN is the high quality of their pieces.  The Designers put a lot of thought into each and every piece.  Their pieces are beautiful, classic, & timeless so you will have them for a long time.  I want to be able to pass down my fine jewelry to Addison one day and I know these VAHAN pieces will maintain their exquisite look for years and years.

Have you heard of VAHAN Jewelry?  If not, I encourage you to familiarize yourself with their gorgeous recognizable brand.  I promise…not only will you start a wish list but you will want to treat yourself to your first (maybe second or 3rd)  piece.  Their pieces make beautiful gifts for a loved one as well.

As always, thanks so much for stopping by…see you back here real soon.  Have a great day!

Thank you to VAHAN for sponsoring today’s post.  All photography by Madi Flournoy Henderson.