MakeReady at Noelle Nashville – Dining Experience Review

Photography by Madi Flournoy Henderson
I recently spent some time at Noelle Nashville, a beautiful chic boutique hotel in downtown Nashville, and I had a great dining experience at MAKEREADY!  Noelle is situated right near the well known Printer’s Alley area and MAKEREADY is located on the ground floor of the hotel.
MAKEREADY aims to provide a comfortable relaxed dining experience, much like that of a modern day tavern tailored to both men and women.  The decor is unique and it certainly compliments the overall tavern feel.  There are these beautiful panel windows on one wall and as you dine, looking up at the bustling Nashville street above you, you feel that you are tucked away from the crowds.  It’s gives you the feel that you can see the people above but they can’t see you…like a secret nook or a great hiding place!
We enjoyed a meat and cheese board first, which was delicious (pictured above)!  We asked our waiter to make pairing recommendations for our charcuterie board, which he did, and it was perfect.  From the high quality cheeses to the delicious meat to the seasonal chutney, it was a great way to start off our meal.  
We then tried the butter lettuce salad!  We really liked the texture and flavors of this salad.  The puffed Farro added such a unique twist to this salad.  And I can’t deny the delicious pear  topping was such a delicious compliment to all of the other flavors.
After indulging in a delicious charcuterie board and butter lettuce salad, we tried the rotisserie chicken and the steak with the red chimichurri sauce.  Both were served with french fries, as we were there for lunch, but from my understanding the dinner portion is served with pickled vegetables.
The rotisserie chicken had a nice smokey, a touch spicey, with a little sweet sauce over top it.  The flavor was delicious and the sauce brought the most perfect amount of heat (it was very subtle ;-).  It was cooked perfectly and we really enjoyed the easy of being able to eat with our fingers when necessary!
And the chimichurri steak…wow, talk about flavorful!  The steak was served with a side of french fries and for dinner, it would be served with charred onions!  We really enjoyed the tenderness of the steak and the spices/sauce was delicious!
From the location of MAKEREADY, to the relaxed warm environment, on to the food, I definitely recommend that you add this to your list of restaurants to try.  Noelle is another beautiful boutique hotel option to consider when staying in Nashville and if you navigate your way down to MAKEREADY, enjoy a great meal and some delicious beverages too!  Oh…and be aware of the corners that you turn while down there…you may just run into a really unique hidden patron space! 😉
Are you enjoying learning more about some of my favorite places in Nashville?!  I sure hope so!
Stay tuned for more about Noelle…I have a post coming up sharing more about their guest rooms as well as their gorgeous rooftop bar called Rare Bird!
As always, thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you have a great day!