L.A. Jackson – Nashville Rooftop Bar

Photography by Madi Flournoy Henderson
Spring is near which means everyone will be coming out of hibernation soon and enjoy more sunshine, longer days, and hopefully much warmer temps!  Nashvillians and visitors alike will begin to fill outdoor restaurants tables for apps & drinks after work, weekend dinners, and evenings out on the town.
One of my personal favorite spots to spend time (from Spring through Fall) is L.A Jackson at Thompson Nashville, which is located in the Gulch.  L.A. Jackson is known for it’s chic rooftop bar and it’s delicious craft cocktails!  They also offer small plates if you want to enjoy an app while enjoying one of their craft cocktails.  Their frose is one of my personal favorites…you’ve got to try it, soooooo good!
The bar is large and spacious…there are plenty of places to sit inside and there is an open walkway that opens up to the rooftop bar.  Once out on the rooftop, you will be able to find cozy benches and chairs that create an inviting space so you can truly enjoy a great evening out!
If traveling to Nashville, you must stop by L.A. Jackson to enjoy the views and one of their craft cocktails.  I suggest that you eat at Marsh House first and then make your way up to the rooftop.  If you missed my post about Marsh House, also in Thompson Nashville, you can check that out HERE.
As always, thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you have a great day!