Our Session with Little Nest Portraits

Photography by Little Nest Portraits
It’s not often that we have family photos taken in a studio but I’m so glad that we got to enjoy a family session with Little Nest Portraits here in Franklin, TN.  When Little Nest Portraits reached out to me sharing more about their boutique photography services, I immediately knew that I wanted to schedule a session.  I’m so glad that I did!
We arrived to our session on a December Sunday afternoon at 4pm and we were greeted by such a delightful and professional team.  Of course we were a bit rushed getting there (no matter how much you plan in advance, getting kiddos ready for a photo session is never was) and I was a bit frazzled.  We had forgotten Reins’ shoes at home…YIKES.  Peter rushed back home to pick up his shoes (luckily we only live 5 minutes from the studio) and in the meantime, Reins and Addison played in their beautiful lounge area and I got a tour of the studio.  In that moment, I was so thankful for such a sweet & UNDERSTANDING team…they helped but this Momma at ease.  When Mommy is relaxed, everyone else is relaxed.  Am I right?!
While Peter was to an from home picking up his shoes and after a little play time (and my tour), our Photographer started to capture some candid shots of Reins & Addison.  They worked around Reins’ missing shoes and still captured some beautiful shots of he and Addison.  I also sat in for some shots with both of them until Peter got back.
The entire team was relaxed and our Photographer, Miranda, was wonderful!  She worked so well with Reins and Addison and made them both feel comfortable.  This was one of the more relaxed and comfortable family sessions we have ever had.  Being inside of a beautiful studio certainly helped but the team also played a big role in our overall experience too.
I should back up a little and share that before we went in for our session, I spent a lot of time exchanging email communications with the Little Nest Portraits team.  We decided on some backdrops before our session date so I knew going into our session what to expect, which also helped with the planning of our outfits!  They offer very neutral backdrops, which I personally LOVE, and they also put together special backdrops for various holidays throughout the year.  Everything is very classy and not overdone.  The studio and backdrops create an environment that enables you/your family to stand out…in other words, you will be the focus of the final image, not the backdrop!
Back to our session…
Our Photographer shot with us for about 30 minutes, which was plenty of time to capture exactly what we were looking for.  Depending on the package/session that you choose, you may be able to see your images same day or your may need to schedule a follow up appointment where you go in, sit down with the team, and review your hand-selected images, which is what we did.  
The team creates a beautiful slideshow presentation of about 25-30 images.  You will then go one by one and either mark them as one that you love or one that you don’t love (or as a maybe that you want to revisit).  During that meeting, you will select your final images that will then be sent off for final retouching.  If there are any specific aspects of the image that you wish to have retouched, you can make those requests during your session.  For example, Reins’ ears were a bit red so I asked that they tone down the red in his ears.  This type of personal care and customization was so nice!  You truly know what you will be receiving!
Little Nest Portraits also offers customized framing as well.  So if you know you want to have a specific image framed, you can select all of the details during your meeting as well.  They have a variety of frame styles, colors, etc.
Another thing that I love about Little Nest Portraits is that you can join their Heirloom Membership, which is perfect for someone who has a newborn that may want to capture images throughout their child’s first year.  Not only is this great for Newborns but it is also great for a family who may want to  capture images together throughout the year around the various holidays.  They change their session decor for holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, etc.  The decor for these holidays is very subtle and again, classy and not overdone.
Little Nest Portraits has various locations within the US and continues to grow their boutique photography brand.  Here in TN, there is a location in Franklin and in Knoxville.
I highly recommend that you consider Little Nest Portraits when booking an in studio photo session.  We had such a wonderful experience and I feel confident in saying that you will too!
As always, thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful Sunday afternoon!