Photography by Banavenue Photography
When planning what I would wear while attending New York Fashion Week, I knew that I wanted to step outside of the box a bit and wear more bold prints.  Because both red and wallpaper floral prints are trending for Fall 2017, I felt that this red floral pant suit was not only on trend but also a a total stand out.  Pant Suits are also trending so this particular look covered a variety of trends.
Being able to wear pieces that I may not have as much of an opportunity to wear at home (let’s face it, during the week I live in workout clothes) is part of what I love most about fashion week.  If you think this is bold and funky (well…it is), you should see some of the street style looks at fashion week.  I’m always inspired by the variety of looks that I see at fashion week and I love seeing what others put together!
This was my first fashion week look and I wore this for a very busy day of brand meetings and presentations.  I wanted to wear something that was comfortable and easy to travel around in and this pant suit ended up being perfect for a full day in the city.
I also wanted to open up and share a bit of what I call “behind the camera” details of fashion week.  You see the glitz and glamour and although fashion week is a lot of glitz and glamour, it is so much more than that.  
Let’s frist talk about those things that I love about fashion week…
Fashion week is an opportunity for Influencers to connect with the brands that they currently work with, brand that they hope to work with, PR firms, media outlets, and other Influencers.  There are so many amazing networking opportunities during fashion week and it is a prime time to take advantage of those opportunities. 
The shows and presentations are also one of my favorite parts of fashion week…I love seeing next seasons trends.  Stay tuned because I will be writing a post on what’s trending for Spring/Summer 2018.
I also LOVE the energy of the city.  It is an exciting time to be there.  The restaurants are fabulous and you cannot beat $1 street corner pizza.  Two Bros Pizza is some of the best!
Now onto those things that I don’t like about fashion week…
It is EXPENSIVE…between the hotel, flight, Uber’s all over the city, the food, photography, and the expense of planning all of my looks (and alterations), it is not a cheap week.  I will say that the opportunities that arise from networking ultimately help offset the cost of fashion week but it is still a BIG business expense each year.
Waiting on Uber’s and trying to help them find you in a sea of people is not fun either.  Plus the way they zip around the city often times leaves me feeling car sick.  One of my biggest expenses during fashion week is Uber rides.  I’d rather walk but everything is so spread out and let’s be honest, after all of these years, I still haven’t figured out how to maneuver NY on foot.
One of the things that I like least about fashion week is the self doubt that comes along with it.  I am a confident person, however I always find that I compare myself to others wondering if my outfit is good enough, why didn’t I get an invite to that event and she did, am I being noticed by brands, etc.  This year I came home feeling a bit discouraged and feeling as if I missed out on so much because my time there was limited.  With that being said…my Husband reminded me that I should not compare myself or my brand to anyone.  In fact he said the “only comparison you should make is to your business this time last year…compare yourself to YOU and strive to get better.”  He always has a much more level head than I do and I am thankful for that.
Overall, I am so thankful that I’m able to attend fashion week and do the things that I do.  The opportunities have been amazing and I am proud of myself for growing my brand to where it is today.  I’ve been at this for less than 3 years and I have a lot to be proud of.
I’m excited for what the future holds and I am already looking forward to fashion week 2018!  If you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them.
As always, thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you have a great day!