Travel in Style with Jon Hart Design

Photography by Madi Flournoy Henderson
I’ve gone through suitcases over the years.  I will never forget the first set of suitcases given to me…my parents gave me a set of black suitcases after college graduation as we were traveling to Hawaii to celebrate.  I carried those suitcases until the wheels fell off (not really) but I did carry them until they just begged for retirement.
I’ve also looked at suitcases time and time again…does anyone else find it hard to settle on which suitcase set to get?  They all have their “perks” their bells and whistles but sometimes its just so hard to pick the right one.
So I recently settled on pieces from Jon Hart Design.  I love the look of this set and the size of the larger suitcase is perfect for a long weekend away.  The weekender is perfect for carrying on too!  Not to mention, the personalization adds such a special touch and no one will mistaken your bag for theirs!  The large suitcase also comes with a clear cover that protects your suitcase while flying the friendly skies.  There is nothing worse than a beautiful suitcase getting beaten and marked up so when I travel by air, I always put the protective cover on.
In the need for a new set yourself…I recommend that you consider Jon Hart Design!  Their pieces also make wonderful gifts too!
As always, thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful day!