Fairmont Mayakoba, Riviera Maya – Resort Review

Photo credit: Hallie Duesenberg
Photo credit: Hallie Duesenberg

Photo credit: Hallie Duesenberg
WOW…where do I begin!  I’m pretty certain that I need to begin my review of the Fairmont Mayakoba – Riviera Maya by saying that this was hands down one of my absolute favorite resorts in Mexico!  We’ve been fortunate to travel to various parts of Mexico over the years but we have never traveled to Riviera Maya and I’m so thrilled that I was able to experience this part of Mexico.  I’m soooo excited to share my review with you all today…I LOVED my time at Fairmont Mayakoba so much and I cannot wait to go back!  I’ve already told Peter that we need to start planning so he can go and enjoy the resort with me as well!
I’ll start with a bit about my travel…I flew from Nashville to Miami and then Miami to Cancun.  The flights were rather quick and once I landed in Cancun, Fairmont Mayakoba had a car service waiting there for me for pick up (which I highly recommend that you work with the resort to organize).  It only took about 35 minutes to get to the resort from the airport…again very simple and a very smooth transportation transport.
Once I arrived to the resort, I was greeted by the most lovely and friendly staff.  They were eager to help and I could tell how proud they were to show me around the resort.  After all, they have so much to be proud of…Fairmont Mayakoba is absolutely beautiful.  From the moment I set foot on the property, I could immediately tell how clean and well kept the resort is.  Again, everyone takes pride in this beautiful resort and it is evident in all of the special touches that you will discover throughout the property.
I stayed in a Signature Casita Room, situated within the beautiful tropical forest with beautiful views of the emerald green water canals that wind throughout the property.  As you can see from the images above, the room was beautiful and spacious.  Of course I was so impressed with the large spacious bathroom, the soaking tub, and the water canal view that I had right off of my ground level balcony.  It was so peaceful being immersed right into the tropical forest.  There was wild life all over and added to the feeling of a tropical vacation.
One of the best surprises that I received upon arrival was a fresh bowl of guacamole and cold cerveza as well.  The guac was some of the BEST I have ever had…and for those who know me, you know how much I LOVE guacamole.  It was honestly hard to stop eating it!  When you travel to Fairmont Mayakoba, I highly recommend that you order the guacamole & cerveza from room service and enjoy a little snack while you are getting settled into your Casita…it will be the perfect way to kick off your vacation!
The resort is rather large so you either walk, travel in a golf cart, or ride bicycles that they have scattered throughout the property.  Anytime a bicycle was available, I was riding it!  So much fun!  I would ride it to the lobby, down to the beach, and back and forth breakfast at La Laguna.  There is so much to explore on the property and riding a bicycle to explore everything is the way to go.  There is no charge to ride the bicycles but you do need to snag one when you can because everyone had the same idea!
I’m going to share a bit about some of the things you should plan to do/see while staying at Fairmont Mayakoba so scroll through the next handful of images to read more…

Early one morning I met up with a couple of other girls and Alfonso, who works at Fairmont Mayakoba, for a nature work and to explore more of the property.  I’m so so glad that I did this because I got to see so much more that the resort has to offer.

We started on a beautiful nature walk…Alfonso shared a wealth of knowledge about Mayan history, the plants, trees, wildlife, and cultural rituals.  On the nature walk you are able to explore a cenote, which is deep natural hole that is created from heavy rain and the erosion of limestone.  There is ground water underneath.  As natural light shines through holes to the bottom of the cenote, it creates this incredible luminous glow.  In the images above, it will look like you can walk straight out onto solid ground but that is actually water and the ceiling is reflecting off of the water to create this incredible illusion.  It was stunning and I truly enjoyed exploring the cenote.

As we walked further down the nature trail we came to a small town called El Pueblito.  This town has the most beautiful chapel in addition to a marketplace and some adorable shops!  El Pueblito is right outside of the resort but still within their property boundaries.  It is easy to walk to from the main entrance of the resort and it is great for spending time at the chapel or doing a little shopping.  Events and special activities also take place in El Pueblito so you can check their events calendar during your stay.  Because it was early morning when we went there for the first time, it was super quite and very peaceful.  The chapel is stunning and all of the buildings have such colorful bright walls!  It’s really a very charming little town.

There is a also an 18 hole golf course on property and it is gorgeous.  The course is well kept and many of the holes have such stunning views.  If you love playing golf, you would really enjoy this golf course!  And they actually host a PGA tour event every November at Fairmont Mayakoba!

A couple of other notable activities that the property offers is star gazing…it was cloudy the night I was supposed to do this but I can only imagine that it would be wonderful.  And there is also a wonderful planetarium right in Playa del Carmen called Sayab Planetarium.  This is a free educational experience to both locals and tourists…something to check out if you venture into Playa del Carmen.

I’m going to shift gears a bit and talk about the pools…scroll through the next several images to read more!


Photo credit: Hallie Duesenberg
Photo Credit: Hallie Duesenberg
The pools…WOW THE POOLS!  I’ve never been to resort with as many gorgeous pools as there are at Fairmont Mayakoba.  At every corner there is another pool to explore!  There are pools that are tucked within the tropical forest that are very private and quite and then there are main pools, several right near La Laguna restaurant and one that is beach front that is a bit busier.  They have two infinite edge pools…one that overlooks the water canal and one that overlooks the ocean…so dreamy!!!  I loved the pools so much that I had to go out for a late night swim one night and just float and look at the stars.  I could spend every moment by their gorgeous pools!  Of course you can order food and drinks by the pools as well.
Scroll through the next several images to read more about the boat tour and the Willow Stream Spa!

 Photo credit: Hallie Duesenberg

Photo credit: Hallie Duesenberg

The boat tour around the property within the water canals is something I recommend that you do while staying at Fairmont Mayakoba.  The staff will take you on a tour through the canals and share more about the history of the property, the wildlife, etc.  It was a great way to see more of the property from the water and how cute is it that fresh coconut water was served?!  Such a special touch!

I also spent time at the Willow Stream Spa and it was soooooo wonderful!  Not only is the spa absolutely beautiful but the services are amazing too.  The staff at the spa was accommodating and friendly and my therapist gave one of the best massages I have ever had.  I’m pretty sure I fell asleep a couple of times…that is how relaxed I was.  You really could get lost in the spa and spend a full day relaxing there.  They have several lounge areas where they serve delicious fresh juices, etc and you can also relax in their sauna and the amazing whirlpool.  On the second level, there is also a beautiful outdoor pool where you can spend some quiet time relaxing!  The Willow Stream Spa was one of the most wonderful day spas I have ever spent time at and I highly recommend that you carve out some time for yourself while staying at Fairmont Mayakoba!

And now we MUST talk about the FOOD (and beverages(…oh my gosh the FOOD was sooooo good my friends!  Scroll through the next several images and I will share more!


Photo credit: Hallie Duesenberg

Ater receiving the most delicious guacamole from room service when I checked in, I had high expectations for the food and I was not disappointed.  Simply put…the food at Fairmont Mayakoba is AMAZING!  From a delicious breakfast buffet and menu items at La Laguna, to the most delicious lunches and dinners at Las Brisas, to a fusion experience at El Puerto, you will be more than pleased with the various food options.  Every single thing I ordered was so yummy and fresh!  I honestly could have eaten my way through their menus had I had the time.  One of my favorite things at Las Brisas was a pork belly flatbread…you must try this when you go.  And of course, you’ve got to have guacamole at every meal!

Our experience at El Puerto was so wonderful.  We ate dinner there one night and the miso black cod is a must have!  The fried rice is also delicious and their signature cocktails are so unique as well!

What I love most is that you don’t have to leave the property…there are so many great options on site!

We also experienced a Mezcal & craft beer tasting…it was so interesting to learn more about Mezcal and their local craft beers.  I recommend trying some of their local beverages while there as they are unique and refreshing!  The mango mojito and of course the margaritas were two of my go-to beverages!

And of course, I must share more about the beautiful beach…scroll through the next set of images to read more!


Photo credit: Hallie Duesenberg

The beach was absolutely beautiful…widespread, clean, and a great place to sit under an umbrella and stay for a while.  You could walk in both directions to see more of the beautiful coastline and the water was crystal clear.

Beachside restaurant, Las Brisas, overlooks the ocean and it is a wonderful place to go for lunch or dinner.  Some of my best meals were at Las Brisas (the lobster tacos and the pork belly flatbread are a MUST) and the staff at the Las Brisas bar knows how to make some pretty amazing cocktails (one of my favorites was the mango mojito and the spicy margarita)!  One of their infinite edge pools is right in this area as well and it overlooks the ocean, which was so peaceful.  I enjoy laying by the pool, looking at the ocean, and feeling the ocean breeze.  Drinks and food can also be served both poolside and on the beach!

I can feel my feet in the sand now and I cannot wait to go back!  I’ve been missing Fairmont Mayakoba since I returned home…it’s such a wonderful vacation spot!

For anyone who is looking to go to Mexico for a honeymoon, family vacation, girls trip, etc…I highly recommend that you consider Fairmont Mayakoba.  As I mentioned before and for the many reasons as outline above, this is by far one of my most favorite resort destinations that I’ve ever been to.  From the rooms, to everything the resort has to offer, to the staff, to the pools, to the beach, to the food…I give Fairmont Mayakoba 5 stars!!!

Okay, I’m off to start planning my next trip!  Thanks so much for taking time to read today’s post…hope you have a wonderful day!

*Special thank you to the entire staff at Fairmont Mayakoba for making my stay so enjoyable and memorable…you are the best!