*Thank you to Vera Bradley for collaborating on today’s post!
Photography by Madi Flournoy Henderson
It’s been a while since I graduated college (GO TIGERS…Clemson that is!) but I specifically remember graduating and being so uncertain about what my future may hold.  Going into college, I was so certain I knew what I wanted to do but as time passed, I became less and less confident.
I didn’t have a job lined up right after graduation so I spent my summer working at a country club driving the beverage cart around serving golfers and working evening banquet events.  I did this while I job searched and interviewed for jobs.  I searched and searched and searched for “that perfect job”.  Job offers came and went but I didn’t accept my first job until many months after graduating when I started as a Store Analyst for the Cato Corporation, which is a women’s apparel corporation based out of Charlotte, NC.
My first job came about because my Sister worked for the same company and she put in a referral for me.  Lucky for me…my Sister’s connections helped me get my foot in the door.  Had I known then the importance of networking, I would have done more of that much sooner!
So today…I’m sharing some personal career advice to those who are graduating or to those who may need a little pep talk in their current career.  Vera Bradley and I teamed up for today’s post…they asked and I answered!  Hope you enjoy reading and thank you for allowing me to offer some advice, tips, and guidance on the must have Vera Bradley pieces that every career woman should have!
By the way…if you are looking for the perfect graduation gift…the pieces styled here today are such great options for any gal starting her career!
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Do you have any great tips or advice to share?!
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Tell us a little about yourself!
“I’m Brooke Webb, the Editor and Creator of a top Nashville-based style, beauty and lifestyle blog, KBStyled! I live just south of Nashville, in Franklin, TN, with my husband, Peter, and our two children, Reins and Addison. Of course, I must mention our fur babies, too — Cali and Carolina. I grew up right outside of Charlotte, NC and graduated from Clemson University. For much of my career, I have worked for a Fortune 500 company as a Vice President, Corporate Recruiter, within Human Resources. A little over two years ago, I launched KBStyled as a platform to inspire other women and to encourage them to find their own personal style. Since then, KBStyled has become a destination for women of all ages to come for style inspiration, as well as fitness, beauty and lifestyle tips!”
What do you look for when selecting a bag for work?

“My ultimate work bag is a tote bag like the Ella Tote. My work bag must be a carryall that is large enough to carry my laptop and to-do list among all of my other workday necessities! It needs to be practical and functional with interior pockets, but most importantly, I must be able to carry it comfortably over my shoulder!”

What surprised you the most about working full-time after graduating?

“I found the long workdays and how tired I was at the end of each day the most surprising. It was quite the adjustment to go from maintaining a class, study and social schedule to managing a work schedule. I could no longer take naps in the middle of my day!”

What do you wish you had known when you were applying for your first job? 

“I wish I had known that networking plays such an important role in landing a great first job post-graduation. I thought I could do it all on my own and didn’t take the advice of some who encouraged me to network more. I job searched for a while before accepting an offer post-graduation — and the offer I ended up accepting came about through networking with an employee of the company that I was hired by.”

What tips would you give those still job hunting?

“Take your time, don’t settle and get on LinkedIn! It is tempting to rush and make a quick decision so you have a job lined up post-graduation, but there is nothing wrong with working part-time while you job hunt and interview for the right opportunity. Also, network, network, network! Consider joining a young professionals group in the city where you live and utilize social media to your advantage — you should absolutely have a LinkedIn account!”

What advice would you give to recent graduates about to enter their careers? 

“Work hard, always be on time and remain confident in your abilities!”

What is the most unusual thing you keep in your everyday bag?

“Baby wipes! Although our children are seven and five and we are well out of the diaper phase, I still carry baby wipes in my Mallory Satchel because I use them to wipe nearly everything down. They are perfect for gentle makeup touch-ups throughout the workday as well!”

Lastly, what would you say is your key to success?

“I’d say my key to success is maintaining a work-life balance. I’m able to compartmentalize my day — when I work, I’m dialed in with work and when I’m with my family, they’re my focus. If you don’t balance the many aspects of your life, one area will suffer more than another.”

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