Happy Mother’s Day Mom with New York & Company

Photography by Madi Flournoy Henderson
Dear Mom,
Although I will not be with you on Mother’s Day, I want you to know that you are thought of every day and that you are always in my heart.  I’m so lucky to have have been raised by such an incredible woman.  Mom, you’ve taught me so much over the years…lessons that I cherish and that I now teach my children.
You taught me that beauty comes from within…that it’s not what the outside looks like but that it is the soul from within that truly defines the meaning of beauty.
You taught me to stay strong in my faith.  Your faith filled foundation has deep roots and you passed that along to me.  Thank you.
You always reminded me of the “golden rule”…do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  This is such an important lesson that I’m passing on to Reins and Addison.
You taught me the importance of gratitude…you stressed the importance of always saying two simple words, “Thank you” and even though at the time, I may have put up a fuss about writing all of those thank you notes over the years, I’m so thankful that you taught me this lesson.
You taught me to stand up for what I believe in and to never let anyone diminish my self worth.  Confidence and self esteem is so hard to teach but you taught me so well.
You taught me to be respectful and to always use my manners.  “Yes ma’am”, “no ma’am”, “yes sir”, “no sir”, “please”, “thank you”…these simple words have such an impact and I’ve taught our children to use them as well.
You taught me the importance of humility.  No matter the blessings or challenges I’ve experienced over the years, you always reminded me to stay grounded and humble.
You showed me how to love deeply…even though at times there were many ups and downs, your love for me always remained unconditional and it never wavered.
You taught me the importance of always being my best self…always being polished and put together.
Most importantly, you’ve taught me how to the best woman that I can be and how to be the best Mother to Reins and Addison.  The many lessons that you have taught me over the years are all lessons that I now teach your grandchildren.  You continue to guide me along the way and I’m so lucky to be able to lean on you Mom as I navigate this beautiful journey called Motherhood!
I love you Mom…THANK YOU!
Although I won’t be seeing my Mom on Mother’s Day, I will be celebrating with my little family.  Peter always plans something special and makes Mother’s Day very memorable.  It’s hard to believe that this will be my 7th Mother’s Day!
When picking out this Mother’s Day look from New York & Company, I was thinking about my Mom and what she would have picked out for me.  My Mom always loved dressing me from an early age…most times she would prefer buying a new outfit for me before buying one for herself.  There were many occasions where I would come home after school or after a weekend away and she would have a brand new outfit, accessories included, laying on my bed.  As much as my Mom instilled the lesson that beauty comes from within, she also created my love for beautiful clothes.
My Mom had an “eye” for things…she would pick something out when we would shop together, I would turn my nose up at it, she would insist that I try it on, and then of course I would end up loving it.  As much as I wanted to be trendy and pick things that may have been a little too revealing at times, my Mom always reminded me the importance of dressing in a classy way.  Of course she allowed me to experiment some and express my own personal style but she had a lot of influence on the way I dressed, which still impacts my style today as a grown woman.
So Mom, my Mother’s Day outfit was picked with you in mind.  This beautiful Eva Mendes Del Mar Dress is a classic figure flattering dress that can be worn dressed up or dressed down.  The thicker material and the pleats at the waistline make this a perfect fit and flare style.  The strapless neckline is perfect for those warm summer evenings too.  And can we talked about the pockets?!  Any dress with pockets is fine by me!
I’ve completed my look with these fun color block t-strap heels, these gorgeous tassel earrings, and this bold floral statement bangle.
New York & Company has been my shopping destination for my Mother’s Day look and they have so many gorgeous pieces right now, many of which are on sale!  Check out the new Eva Mendes collection as well.  Her pieces always fit me so well and the quality is excellent!
How will you be celebrating Mother’s Day this year?!  If you are a Mom, I wish you the very best Mother’s Day to come.  
As always, thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead!
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