Bootcamp – 12 Weeks In – Before & Afters + A Juice Cleanse

Photography by Madi Flournoy Henderson
It’s time for us to meet up again and talk about the FASTer Way bootcamp program that has me on the fast train to fit town.  First off, I hope all who celebrated had a wonderful Easter yesterday!  We had a wonderful day…Easter bunny surprises, church, lunch, egg hunts, egg dying, and a full day outside playing.  
Not only was it Easter but it was also my last day of round 2 of the FASTer Way to Fatloss bootcamp!  And you know how I celebrated (after taking my before & after photos of course)…I devoured some PEEPS!!!  Don’t know what it is about those surgery marshmallow little chicks but I’ve loved them from day 1 and now I am passing that love down to our kiddos! p.s if you have never tried them microwaved for a few seconds, you MUST…YUM!
Okay, so let’s get to it…for those of you who may have missed my first post about why I started with the FASTer Way to Fatloss bootcamp no problem, I’ve linked if for you HERE! And if you did not see my 1st round before and after images, you can visit my post and see those images HERE!

Signing up for a 2nd round was a no brainer for me…after seeing the results I achieved after my 1st six weeks, I was eager to continue on my fitness journey and see what I could achieve in another six weeks.  There was also some new things that we would be trying in the 2nd round like a juice cleanse from The Weekly Juicery and a 24 hour fast in weeks 4-6.  AND a brand new cookbook is now being offered too…which is amazing by the way!
I’ve done juice cleanses before but I never really coupled it with fasting and working out.  This particular cleanse from The Weekly Juicery is offered through the FASTer Way to Fatloss bootcamp program and it was such a nice add option.  The juice cleanse arrived in a packed cooler with some additional information on how to properly cleanse.  It also came with a black small cooler & ice packs so you can pack up your juices and take them on the go if you need to.
What I loved about this cleanse is that it is cold pressed and is USDA certified.  The Weekly Juicery sources their produce locally and makes their juice fresh, using only organic produce.  This cleanse was such a nice compliment to the bootcamp and it allowed me to step things up a notch with regards to my fitness goals.
Since week 4 of my second round of the FASTer Way bootcamp, I have been juicing once a week.  Although my first cleanse was from The Weekly Juicery, I am also supporting our local juice bar, Franklin Juice Co., and have been getting my cleanses from them.
What I can share with you after a second 6 week round is that I feel much stronger and even more lean!  Cleansing and fasting for 24 hours once a week has accelerated my results as well.
Now onto the results…the first photo pairing is from before I started the FASTer Way to Fatloss bootcamp to yesterday, 12 full weeks of participating in the bootcamp.  The second photo pairing is from the end of my first six weeks to yesterday, the end of my second bootcamp.  Change continues to happen physically, mentally, and emotionally and I am beyond pleased with my progress!  It certainly has not been easy at times but I am committed and I’m moving onward!

I’m personally starting my 3rd round on Monday, 4/24 and can’t wait!  There will be some new workouts this round and even more tips.  Over 300 women have signed up to start their own journey on 4/24…will you join in?!  If you want to join us and invest in yourself…head HERE to read more info and sign up.

p.s registration will end soon as there is a max to how many women are allowed to sign up per round.  Email me with any questions: [email protected].
Thank you so much for taking the time to read today’s post.  I look forward to hearing from you!
Have a great start to your week!