My Fitness Journey – From the Inside Out

Photography by Madi Flournoy Henderson
For those of you that follow along with KBStyled here and on social media, you know that back on 1/9/17 I embarked on a personal fitness and health journey by kicking off my first round of FASTer Way to Fatloss
I’m now 3 weeks into my second round of this amazing program and I’m excited to continue seeing progress!  If you missed my post recapping my experience through the first round as well as my before and after pictures, you can go back and read that HERE!
In my first couple of posts about the FASTer Way to Fatloss bootcamp, I shared more about the program and my reasons why I’ve decided that this program is the perfect program for me…for today, for tomorrow, and for all the days ahead.
As you can see from my initial before and after pictures, physical changes are happening…my body is changing and shifting into a fit much more healthy body but this program is not just about the external changes.  For me, it has also been about the internal changes as well.
So today, I’m shifting gears a bit and sharing with you all more about how the FASTer Way to Fatloss program is changing me from the inside out.
1.  When I say from the inside out…I mean it literally.  This program has taught me more about food than I ever imagined that it could.  I’m learning how to fuel my body with the right foods and how specific foods provide specific benefits at specific times.  I’ve cleaned up my diet and am eating foods that provide significant nutrition.  Because I am eating the right foods, I’ve also noticed that my skin has been much more clear as well!
2.  Eating the right foods, taking the right vitamins, drinking more water, and working out has helped tremendously with my overall digestive health.  Clearly I don’t need to elaborate much here but lets just say that I am WAY LESS bloated…major win in my department!
3.  Feeling less stressed has been so welcomed since starting this program.  I’ve been able to relieve a lot of stress through the workouts each day.  Being less stressed has definitely helped with my mental clarity as well!
4.  My confidence/belief in myself and what I am capable of has really improved over the last 2 months.  I’ve personally struggled with confidence over the years and I can say that the FASTer Way to Fatloss program has truly helped me regain some of that lost confidence.  When we are treating our bodies well, fueling our bodies correctly, and working out to improve our bodies, naturally the confidence will come.  I’ve always felt best when I’m taking care of myself by eating well and working out consistently.
5.  For a while I felt controlled by food…I thought about my “next meal” often and I no longer do that.  Maybe it is mind over matter at this point but because I’ve become accustomed to fasting each day I don’t feel like food has such a grip on me.  Its very freeing!!!
Can you relate to what I’ve shared today?  I feel as if there are sooooo many women who are raising their hands saying YES!  Are you wanting to make a change as well?!   If so, I encourage you to read more about the FASTer Way to Fatloss bootcamp HERE and decide if this is your next step to a better  more improved YOU!
Please feel free to email me directly at [email protected] with any questions that you may have.  
Join us on Monday 3/27/17 for the next round of FASTer Way to Fatloss.  The first week is considered “prep week” and then you will jump right into fasting, tracking your foods, and working out.  Should you choose to jump on board, not only am I happy to answer your questions but you will also have a full week to get acclimated to the program!
Thanks so much for taking the time to read todays post and I appreciate you allowing me to share more with you as well!