Cozy with Home Living

Photography by Madi Flournoy Henderson
Last night I had a moment where I was sitting in our living room, with the subtle twinkle of our Christmas tree and the crackle of our fireplace, thinking about how much I enjoy being at home with my family.  The saying “home is where the heart is” couldn’t ring more true, especially this time of year.
I’ve felt sentimental lately recognizing how quickly time passes and how fast our children are growing up.  This year has flown by, it feels like I have blinked and we’ve gone from January 1st to now almost December 1st. We busy ourselves with places to go and people to see and often times I just want us to cuddle up in our home and just be together…just the 6 of us (pups included)!  Call me selfish but lately, I’ve kind of wanted my family just to myself.
I’m pretty certain I was spoiled being able to spend every waking moment with them last week at Disney World.  It was amazing spending so much time together…time that we often don’t get enough of.
Okay, sorry for the sentimental moment here but I am saying all of this because I am sharing a piece of our home with you today.  You won’t see many personal posts on KBStyled and you also won’t see much of our children (just personal choice, I’m rather protective of my babies) but I do love changing pace sometimes and sharing something outside of my typical style or beauty posts.
Just a few short months ago we purchased a new home and it feels AMAZING digging our roots in and making Nashville even more of our home than it has been over the past 4 years.
Part of digging in roots for us meant buying our house, check, and then of course comes the fun part…decorating!  We parted with much of what we had from years past because we wanted to start fresh…a new beginning of sorts.
So in these images, you will see lots of bare walls (we’ve made some progress since these pics were taken), very few accessories, and empty spaces.  We have lots to do but we know that slow and steady will win the race in the long run and that we will ultimately have it decorated just as we envision.
I’m a HUGE fan of decorative pillows…Peter would probably tell you that I tend to go overboard with the pillows but I truly feel that they immediately elevate your space.  They are an affordable accessory that you can easily change to alter the appearance of your space.
It was a a lot of fun to pick out the pillows for our couch and Joan & Rachel of HomeLiving on Etsy were delightful to work with.  We bought our area rug first and I picked the Velvet Cheetah pillow cover & the Blue Floral print cover to coordinate with our new rug.  I exchanged numerous messages with Joan & Rachel to ensure that I was picking pillow covers that would look great in our space.  I was so pleased when we received our new pillows…they fit in perfectly with my vision.
Working with HomeLiving was a pleasure and I would highly recommend this Etsy shop if you are in  the market for decorative pillows at an affordable price!
I’d love to know if you have any favorite stores, shops, etc that you like to shop at for home accessories, etc.  I’m always on the lookout for beautiful new pieces!
As always, thanks so much for stopping by and today, for letting me share a place that is very special to me.  Have a great day!