Personalized with Case App

When Case App invited me to design my own phone case and laptop skin, I knew I wanted to design both with a picture of my family.
Luckily, we recently had our family photos taken for our Christmas cards so I had lots of options to choose from.  The design process was super easy and within a quick 10 minutes I had designed both the case and the skin.  
Case App offers different size cases to fit both Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones.  The skins are tailored to fit MacBook computers and they also come in different sizes based on the size MacBook that you have.
Not only do I love that the design process is super simple but the prices are very affordable too!  The cases are $34 and the skins are $29!  And I have to say that the quality of both is excellent…I am beyond impressed with their printing and how crisp and detailed the images cross over onto both the case and the skin.
Think about all of the people that this would make the perfect gift for!!!  Not just for the holidays but for any occasion really.  Even for yourself!  I know I will be updating my case and skin as we have new family photos taken from time to time.
I’m also excited to share with you all that Case App has so graciously agreed to give one of you a $40 gift voucher to shop for a new case or skin!  Entering is super simple…see below!
As always, thanks so much for stopping by…have a great day!

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