Skin Care with Enza Essentials

Hi everyone, hope you are all having a great start to your weekend!  I’ve recently started receiving more questions about my skincare routines and today I am talking about my experience with Enza Essentials.    Probably like you, I have tried many different products over the years and it can be overwhelming to know which products to try.  With the amount of reviews out there and praise for this product over that product, how do you possibly choose what’s best for you???  Trying new products can also become an expensive habit…I think Sephora & Ulta have made their fair share of money off of me over the years!
When Enza contacted me and asked if I would be willing to try their products, of course I immediately said yes!  I had not heard much about Enza before (I had heard about Rucker M.D) but I am so glad that I have now been introduced to their high quality products.  During my first conversations with Enza, they asked a lot of questions about my skin (type, problem areas, skincare goals, etc) with the goal of developing a personalized plan for my skincare needs.  I knew right away that they invest in each and every client ensuring that a skincare plan is developed for each persons specific needs & goals.  They take the guess work out of it!
I’ve been using my regimen for over 2 months now and have been VERY pleased with the results!  My skin is normal to oily (oily in the summer months) and my biggest challenges over the last few years have been fighting the signs of aging and reversing sun damage.  I’m 34 and I know the importance of starting a great regimen early in hopes that it will slow down the aging process.
I’m also going to highlight my specific regimen so you can understand what I am using based on my skin type and skin challenges.  BUT again, Enza Essentials tailors their regimen recommendations to each individual.  So here goes…
1) Saturation Cleanser:  This cleanser is very mild and is designed to gently wash away all of that “yuck” on your face.  It always leaves my skin feeling clean, soft, and smooth AND it smells amazing too!  I use this morning and night.
2) Saturation Toner:  This toner is ideal for dull/mature skin that has some environmental damage (for me, that is sun damage).  It not only soothes my skin but it also helps retain water, it heals wounds, and it detoxifies the skin.  I use this morning and night!
3) Glycolic Serum: This serum is applied in the morning and it acts as a moderate exfoliant.  The serum is a blend of glycolic, malic, and lactic acids and it also has key ingredients such as aloe vera & Vitamins A & E.
4) Vitamin C Serum:  Everyone woman should be using a Vitamin C Serum!  Some of the benefits of Vitamin C are: collagen production, hydration, skin brightening & toning, overall complexion improvement, as well as a protective barrier.  My regimen calls for this serum morning and night!
5) Advanced Protection Sunscreen SPF30: It is so important to wear sunscreen each day and what I love most about this particular sunscreen is that it helps reduce oil production and it helps promote a healthy complexion!  Of course this is only used during the morning routine!
6) Saturation Aloe Scrub: NIGHT TIME ONLY…I have been using this scrub 2 times per week to exfoliate and polish my skin!  It lifts away my dead skin cells and leaves my skin feeling so smooth and bright!
7) Lightening Perfection Creme: NIGHT TIME ONLY…what can I say about this creme?!  It is fabulous!  It is a skin lightener that has truly helped with the spots on my face caused by sun damage!  It brightens while toning and stimulating collagen & elastin!  It’s simply the BEST!
8) Saturation Herbal Creme: NIGHT TIME ONLY…this creme is the perfect night time creme!  While sleeping, this creme will detoxify, nourish, soothe, calm, revitalize, & hydrate while promoting the natural healing process of your skin.  When I wake in the morning, my skin feels so soft and it appears much brighter!

Overall the texture and appearance of my skin has changed using my Enza Essentials regimen.  It appears brighter and is more clear too!  If you are looking for an excellent skin care regimen, I highly recommend that you consider trying Enza Essentials…I think you would be as pleased as I have been!
Have a wonderful Saturday everyone!
*A special THANK YOU to Enza Essentials for providing me with the opportunity to try their AMAZING products and improve my skin.  **All opinions are my own and are based on my personal experience using my individualized Enza Essentials regimen.