We’re Off!!!

| photo credit | www.worldatlas.com |
It’s Memorial Day and I hope you are all enjoying your extended weekend!  We are hoping on a flight today to head down to a little island in the Caribbean for a WEEK…just me and my Hubby, EEEKKK!  Our kiddos are in great hands and we couldn’t be more excited to spend a week together with NO ROUTINES.  You parents out there know what “routine free” for a short period of time is like…GLORIOUS!
I’m taking a little “work” break this week (after all, I want to be in full vacation relaxation mode)!  Just wanted to let all of YOU, my amazing supporters, know that I will be back real soon and that I have some amazing posts planned for when I return as well!  You will see tid bits of our trip on Instagram this week so I hope you will follow along.
Cheers to rest, relaxation, and lots of fun in the sun!  AND as always, thank you for your continued support and for the love you show to my blog, KBStyled!