Ditto’s Endless Eyewear Program

Ahhhh, Sunday, how I love thee!  Sunday’s are always spent doing what I love most…spending quality time with my little family.  My in-laws are in town and today we will be spending part of the day at the pool…it is absolutely gorgeous out and the first thing our kiddos asked when they woke up was “when can we go to the pool?”!
I typically don’t post on Sunday’s but today I had to tell you about this amazing new monthly subscription service, Ditto “Endless Eyewear”.  I posted this yesterday on Instagram and Facebook but for whatever reason these platforms did not like my links so I am putting the link in my blog so it is easily accessible.  So sorry to those who tried to find the link, hope those of you who were asking received my email and have had the chance to check it out!  Anyway…
On to sharing more about this AMAZING monthly service…if you love designer eyewear but don’t love the often times hefty price tag, you will LOVE Ditto’s “Endless Eyewear” program!  This monthly subscription service offers women (and men) the opportunity to wear designer eyewear (sunglasses and prescription glasses) without having to make a commitment up front.  Try a pair out, return them, try another pair out, maybe return those, and try even another pair out…get the idea?!  You can wear as many different pair within the month as you would like…try out your first pair, send them back, select your second pair, etc and they will be shipped to you in the blink of an eye.  Shipping is fast, free, and they even offer a return label so you can send the eyewear back at no extra cost to you.  I received these Elizabeth & James “Southport” sunnies and I literally have been wearing them non-stop.  As much as I LOVE these, I truly can’t wait to pick out my second pair!
This service is super affordable…it is ONLY $19.00 per month for the sunglass subscription and $29 per month for the prescription glasses service.  AND, even better, you can test drive this service with your first month FREE via THIS LINK.  Give it a go and test out as many pair within your first month as you would like…after all, your first month is FREE so why not?!  If you don’t love it for any reason, there is no obligation to you yet you have been able to wear designer sunglasses/glasses for an entire month!
If you have any questions about Ditto’s “Endless Eyewear” program, just leave a comment with your question below and I would be happy to answer them!  As always, thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a blessed Sunday!