Protect Your Heels With Solemates

| Product Review
Ladies, this post is for you!  How many pairs of heels have you ruined because they have gotten stuck in the mud, grass, wooden decks, or even stuck in cracks on the sidewalk?  I know I have and often times it stains my heel or completely ruins the leather.  There is the perfect solution, I’m not even kidding how great this little invention is, and it is call the Solemates High Heeler!

This little high heel cap fits on almost all heels & kitten heels…it comes in three different sizes but you will find that the “classic” cap will work on most if not all of your heels!  It slides on easily and is hardly noticeable, not to mention it comes in a few different color options as well.  The clear caps are my go to because they truly do disappear on any color heel.  I know you have been to an outdoor wedding or event where you are walking on your tip toes to avoid sinking in the grass…I’ve been there so many times!  No more!  Solemates High Heelers will be in my purse/clutch every time that I have an event like this or any occasion where my heels may even potentially get ruined!  High Heelers would also make great gifts for a bridal party, bachelorette party, birthday gift, etc as well!

Solemates also has a variety of other amazing foot and shoe care products such as their Blister Blocker or Leather Protector!  Definitely check out Solemates as I know you will fall in love with their products just as I have.  It’s time to protect your heels ladies!

As always, thanks for stopping by and I hope you all have a great day!