Spring Date Look: LookMazing’s “Who Wore It Best” Contest


I’m sooooooo excited to have been selected to compete in LookMazing‘s Who Wore It Best Contest and I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE AND APPRECIATE your support by following the instructions below to not only VOTE FOR ME but to also ENTER FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN this amazing Topshop “Lace Insert Bodycon Tube Skirt”!  
Here’s the skinny on LookMazing!  LookMazing is a fashion and beauty focused social shopping site that connects content creators (bloggers) with shoppers. Content creators are rewarded for making their photos and videos shoppable, while shoppers earn rewards for shopping!  Rewards are earned in the form of points and are redeemable for items in your wishlist from LookMazing’s 300+ partner retailers.
If you LOVE this look (or even just like it a little ;-)), VOTE VOTE VOTE by following the simple instructions below! Thank you SOOOO much!
1. Sign up for LookMazing and ‘Admire’ me HERE!
2. Vote for me by “winking” at my look HERE!
3. Add the styled product HERE to your LookMazing Wishlist for a chance to win it!

The winner will be announced on March 13, 2015 (EEEKKKKK!!!) and a voter will also be selected at random to win the product…THAT COULD BE YOU!!!
As always, thanks for stopping by!
p.s. let your outer beauty be an accessory to your inner sparkle…and then, SHINE!