Southern Shirt Sunday

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Sunday’s are meant for relaxing and that is exactly what I am doing today!  As a busy Mom of two, mornings where I can just sit, relax, and catch up on all of my neglected magazines are so hard to come by.  So when I do actually have a morning like this, I want to be able to relax in something that is cute, functional, and SUPER COMFORTABLE.  Let’s be honest, staying in my fuzzy oversized robe sounds appealing as well but it quickly becomes less appealing when there is a really good chance that a neighbor may stop by at any moment or one of our children will have a friend stop by to play.  I’ve been caught hanging in my robe many times (nothing worse than the door bell ringing and having to hide behind the door) but I have finally swapped out my oversized fuzzy robe for this comfortable oversized cute tee!
My new Southern Shirt has quickly become my favorite go-to tee!  So much so that my Hubby teases me that I NEVER TAKE IT OFF (it’s a fact).  The “Kimmy” is oversized and pairs perfectly with a pair of leggings (this tee covers me in all the right places), which I love, and it is so incredibly soft…hence, why I have recently been living in it.
It may be time to hang up that fuzzy robe, those oversized men’s white tees, or those shabby t-shirts that  are FINALLY worn in (you know which tees I’m talking about) for what I consider to be the most comfortable tee out there!  Here’s to hoping your Sunday is as relaxing as I plan for mine to be and as always, thanks for stopping by!

p.s let your outer beauty be an accessory to your inner sparkle…and then, SHINE!