Pucker Up With Super-Lube

| Product Review| Super-Lube by Merle Norman
| Photos | Sweet Magnolia Photography
I was introduced to Super-Lube about 10 years ago and it quickly became my all time favorite lip “lube”!  For so many years (from early in my childhood really), I had a terrible habit of picking dry skin off of my lips…sometimes I would pick and pick until my lips were raw and scabby.  I couldn’t control my impulses to pick off dry skin…I know I know, what a GROSS habit to have but it was real and it was a habit that I JUST COULD NOT BREAK!
Needless to say, when working in the fashion industry (my first job after graduating college), several of my co-workers began to notice that I would pick my lips when working or even during meetings.  Soooooo embarrassing but I wouldn’t even know that I was doing it!  My family members had been encouraging me for YEARS to stop this terrible habit but nothing I tried worked.  Thankfully one of my co-workers approached me and mentioned that I should try “Super-Lube” as other lip balms/chapsticks just weren’t doing the job of keeping my lips moisturized.  She had been using “Super-Lube” for years and in fact, she uses hers as an all over moisturizer.  That same day I found a local Merle Norman and rushed out to buy some…my affection for this product began on that day!
I began to apply “Super-Lube” regularly and although it took a ton of willpower to keep from picking my lips, I noticed a huge difference in the texture and smoothness of my lips.  This product worked wonders on my dry, chapped, flaky, and sore lips!  Not only did I begin using this on my lips but I also began using it as a moisturizer for my face as well, especially during the dry winter months.
“Super-Lube” is INCREDIBLE and I love the pink tint and subtle scent as well.  If you have dry skin on any part of your body, this will work wonders for you.  Try it on your lips first and before long, you will be lathering it all over…it is simply AMAZING!
Wishing you all a Happy Valentine’s Day, xoxo!
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