Webb Family Starting Lineup

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| Webb Family Starting Lineup |
“Mommy” Kristen “Brooke” Webb
  • Alias’ – Beyonce, B-Zizzle, B, Bianca, Brookie, Momma, and sometimes “Mom” against my protests (not ready to be known as “Mom” just yet…trying to keep “Mommy” as long as I can ;-))
  • 34 years young
  • Married for almost 9 years to my soul mate…I know, I know, “soul mate” is overdone but it’s true
  • Mommy to 4…well two human beings and two pups who act like humans (sometimes)…being a Mommy has been my most important role yet and always will be
  • Daylight as a VP, Corporate Recruiting for Bank of America and have worked for BofA for 7 1/2 years (I work from a home office…how lucky am I?!)
  • Job #3 & #4: Fashion Blogger & Personal Stylist
  • Graduated from Clemson University…GO TIGERS!
  • Passions/hobbies: my family, my faith, dating my Hubby, fashion, jewelry, blogging, traveling, personal styling, personal shopping, wardrobe/image consulting, makeup & hair artistry, working out, reading, exploring Nashville through great food, & discovering/enjoying the music of local rising musicians.
  • Fun fact: I absolutely LOVE to dance…mostly to hip hop and any chance we get to hit a dance floor, you will find us there workin’ it, ha!

“Daddy” Peter Addison Webb
  • Alias’ – PW, PDubb, Star, Webb, Webbstar, Addy, Jerry McGuire
  • 36 years old…I always tell him he is 1 day closer to 40, ha!
  • Daylight’s as a VP of Athlete Management/Marketing for a sports firm…in layman’s terms, he is a Sports Agent
  • Attended Law School at New York Law after undergrad at Arizona State University
  • Acting Superhero (Batman to be specific)…he is the BEST most active Daddy and spends so much time playing with our children…usually in a costume 😉
  • Passions/hobbies: family first and then SPORTS, SPORTS, SPORTS…every single sport there is, politics, reading, traveling, wooing his wife (that’s ME!), exercising, history, laughing (usually at a comedy show on date night), discovering rising musicians, & watching movies.
  • Fun facts: he hopes to start a political career at the age of 60 and he was born in Dunedin, New Zealand
“Bubby” Reins Alexander Webb
  • Alias’ – Bubby, Bub, Reinsy Bear, Spider, The Party, RW, RDubya, RW2, The Kid
  • Name “Reins” comes from: his Great Grandmother’s maiden name
  • 4 3/4…turns 5 on 2/6/15…how do we almost have a 5 year old?!  EEEKKK!
  • Daylight’s as a Pre-Kindergarten rock star
  • Described as: funny, lovable, sincere, caring, rambunctious (at times), considerate, athletic, handsome, sweet, smart, & driven (can’t you tell, I am one PROUD Momma?!)
  • Passions/hobbies: soccer, flag football, riding his bike/scooter, swimming, super heroes, cars, playing games, Ninja Turtles, racing, movies, coloring, playing hide & seek, watching sports with Daddy, & playing with his Sissy
  • Fun facts: Reins was born 4 weeks early in Phoenix, Arizona & he wants to be a Super Hero when he grows up!

“Sissy” Addison Brooke Webb

  • Alias’ – Sissy, Sis, Addie, Ad, Peanut, Addie Girl, Baby Girl
  • Named after: “Addison” which is Peter’s middle name and Brooke which is my middle name 
  • 3 1/2…she and Reins are 18 months apart almost to the day
  • Daylight’s as a Pre-Schooler and sometimes a Princess (or so she thinks)
  • Described as: happy, outgoing, lovable, sweet, stubborn, persistent, strong, center of attention, funny, beautiful, & smart (she is pretty incredible if you ask me ;-))
  • Passions/hobbies: dancing, tumbling, swimming, jumping, twirling, riding her bike, coloring, playing dress up, wearing hers (and Mommy’s) jewels, playing house, taking care of her babies, wrestling with her Bubby, playing with her doggies, singing, & pretending to be a Pirate Fairy (Tinker Bell reference)
  • Fun facts (well and one…fact): Addison was also born in Phoenix, Arizona (full-term) but was born with a couple of holes in her heart (ASD & VSD)…this past summer (2014), she underwent open heart surgery to close the one hole that did not close on its own after birth and she did beautifully!  She is so strong and her spirit definitely helped her recover!  You would never know she went through this unless you see the scar on her chest…she is one amazing little girl!  AND, she wants to be Elsa when she grows up!

“The Girls” Cali (Cali Bear) & Carolina (Carolina Girl) Webb
  • Named after:  California and South Carolina…Peter and I met in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and we lived in Southern California for several years during the early years of dating/marriage…so we named “The Girls” according to two places that are special to us!
  • Turned two years old in November 2014
  • Sisters from the same litter
  • Passions/hobbies: taking long walks, running, chasing birds, playing with Reins & Addison, chewing up their chew toys, tearing apart paper towels if they have a chance, and playing in the water during the summer months.
  • Fun facts: Cali is a very chill pup who always wants to snuggle, loves chewing up paper towels and toilet paper (not so fun for me to clean up), and loves giving bear hugs.  Carolina is a very active girl who is always moving, likes to play with all of her chew toys, chases birds when she is outside, and she also loves to snuggle.

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to introduce my sweet little family to you!  They are my pride and joy!

As always, thanks for stopping by!
p.s. let your outer beauty be an accessory to your inner sparkle…and then, SHINE!