Perfect Plaid Coat

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This BEAUTIFUL AFFORDABLE coat: Kohl’s (shop here)
| Photos | Sweet Magnolia Photography
Gorgeous “Faux Wool “Mega Plaid Coat” for ONLY $50…hold the press!  AND, if you use a Kohl’s coupon, you can own this FABULOUS coat for LESS than $50…hold the press AGAIN!  Talk about a bargain!
Stumbling across this coat while doing some holiday shopping was one of the best accidental finds ever!  I had already checked out when I started out of the door, I looked to my right, and it was like fireworks were going off and there was a glowing sign with my name above it.  “Come and get me because you know you want me…plus I AM GORGEOUS!”  It was like I was being pulled to this coat by some major magnetic force.  The force was unstoppable so I grabbed one and I must say, this is one of the most gorgeous inexpensive coats I have ever purchased!
I’m telling you…you should RUN, not walk, to either your nearest Kohl’s store or straight to your computer and snag this beauty while you can!  You’re welcome! 😉
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